It’s For Cars Like This Giulia Sprint Why Alfa Romeo Has So Many Fans

If you are into Alfa Romeos, then chances are you’ve heard about the Alfaholics workshop and its beautiful recreations, like this stunning Giulia Sprint GTA-R 270.

The classic Giulia Sprint is perhaps the definitive Alfa Romeo model for the dedicated fans of the brand, lifting the entire reputation of a company on its tiny shoulders. Touring car championships in the late sixties were dominated by the Italian company’s small coupe, helping Alfa Romeo in building a hero status that to this day remains alive.

GTA versions of the Giulia Sprint became the Holy Grail for Alfisti but since the original cars were never officially built by the factory with a separate VIN number, it was near impossible to track them down. This happened because Autodelta was picking up a regular chassis with a regular VIN number from Alfa Romeo and then performed their magic on them.

Fast forward to today and if you are an Alfisti lusting after a GTA, Alfaholics can offer you perhaps the Alfa Romeo of your dreams as they build some seriously impressive re-engineered period models.

brings Charles Morgan in front of their camera and into a Giulia Sprint GTA-R 270 to share his thoughts and impressions of a truly exotic Alfa Romeo. This might not be an original GTA but it might be even better than the real deal.