Lexani Reveals Armored Cadillac Escalade Viceroy With Rolls-Inspired Headliner

Lexani, best known as a manufacturer of aftermarket wheels, has just finished work on a comprehensive transformation of a 2016 Cadillac Escalade in what it dubs as the Lexani Viceroy.

With the exception of armor plating, the outside of Lexani’s Escalade Viceroy remains standard but once inside, you’re welcomed with a completely customised seating arrangement and enough screens to keep the biggest IT-geek entertained.

Possibly the most eye-catching interior element is Lexani’s ‘celestial headliner’, inspired by the headliners offered by Rolls-Royce models that depicts the night-time sky with hundreds of tiny LED lights.

Elsewhere, the car includes two large executive leather-wrapped seats as well as two smaller, rear-facing seats. Hanging on a partition between the rear of the car and the front cabin is a 48-inch Samsung 4K TV. There is also a multimedia player, an iPad Air affixed to the wall and two screens displaying images from the security cameras found on the outside of the souped-up SUV.

The company hasn’t announced how much the conversion costs but if you have to ask…