Sneak Peek Of New Spyker C8 Preliator Reveals A Familiar Face

This is our first look on the new Spyker C8 Preliator, the new sports car that will supposedly lead the Dutch sports car maker into a new era.

Spyker is getting ready to reveal their new creation, called the C8 Preliator, marking the company’s return into regular, albeit limited, production.

Posted on Instagram by @exoticsrally, the image shows the car being prepped for its Geneva Motor Show debut, revealing the brand’s characteristic front-end treatment, with a big front grille sitting under a set of new headlights and a bonnet full of aero intakes.

The Dutch sports car maker has been trying to restart production for some years now, with cars like the B6 Venator and the D12 Peking SUV never actually making into it. Let’s hope that this time, Spyker will be able to pull it off.

There is a rumor also that the new C8 Preliator will be an all-electric model. All we have to do is wait until tomorrow for the official announcement.