Toro Rosso STR11 Shows Up In Barcelona Sans Livery

Toro Rosso sent their new Ferrari-powered STR11 out on the track today wearing nothing but a temporary testing livery.

While the car’s full reveal will probably take place in March, we’re definitely glad to be able to see the new design, which looks remarkably different to the one they used back in 2015.

Right off the bat, we’re looking at an entirely new nose, which is much shorter than the one on the STR10 – which as we remember, was using Renault power and needed as much straight line speed as it could muster.

On a less positive note, the team didn’t have as much time as they would have liked to design the STR11, seen as how the decision to use 2015 Ferrari engines came relatively late.

Even so, there are those, such as Red Bull’s Christian Horner, who expects Toro Rosso to gain almost a full second compared to last season, meaning it would probably leapfrog RBR’s own 2016 challenger – at least in the first half of the new season, or so assumes the Red Bull team principal.

All we know is that the future seems extremely bright for this team, who might actually have a chance to finish in the top 5 this year – though they would still need to fight off Red Bull, Force India, Renault and possibly McLaren too.