Would You Pay $460,777 For A 675LT MSO McLaren?

The lighter, angrier version of the standard 650S is one of McLaren’s best moments, especially the Spider variant, but no matter which way you look at it, $460,777 is a ton-load of cash for what’s basically a second-hand car.

It’s even more expensive than the official MSRP, as the 675 Long Tail has a price tag of $372,600, so it’s hard to see why it should command such a high premium.

In fact, this particular variant costs significantly more than the VP433 prototype we spotted lately; a used one, sure, but one of just five of its kind.

Here’s the deal, though: this particular car has been tailored by McLaren’s own MSO division. And customization doesn’t come cheap – not in Woking, not in Maranello, not in any of those venues.In fact, it has $20,000 worth of options and a $10,000 custom carbon fiber exterior package.

Considering the overall attention to detail and the fact it could be a one-off among the 500 units that will be built, then this starts to make some sense. Sort of…