You’ve Never Seen A Ferrari 458 As Insane As This

Eat your heart of Liberty Walk: this is the craziest 458 Italia you’re ever likely to come across.

Rendered by artist Vladislav Luzin as the ultimate ‘stanced’ Ferrari, the Italian supercar has been imagined with flared wheel arches and impossibly-wide wheels and tires with enough negative camber to put competitive drift cars on notice.

As if things couldn’t get any more OTT, the 458 has been rendered with an entirely new front fascia that includes a wider-than-standard grille and a splitter just millimeters above the ground.

Completing the transformations is a rear wing with aluminum uprights attached to the customised bumper and diffuser that’s so absurd it makes this widebody Aventador look tame. Will a tuner ever be brave enough to go this far with a 458? Highly unlikely, though we’ve seen radically tuned examples before.