Zenvo Gets Serious At Geneva With The TS1 And TSR Models

The small Danish supercar maker has decided to bring its A-game at Geneva, presenting the TS1 and TSR models.

As if the original, 1104 hp ST1, wasn’t an exotic offering in the first place, Zenvo decided to spice things up a little more with not one, but two new iteration of the potent automobile.

The TS1 isn’t just a regular model with an obvious (and baffling) name reversal, but a more comfortable alternative of the original as well. Apparently, it also features improved downforce and improved engine technology, and a brand new, in-house developed 5.9-litre V8. No official power figures were released yet, as the mill is still being calibrated, but Zenvo tells us it will develop well over 1000 hp.

Nevertheless, we can’t imagine this variant slower than the ST1 – a car that already had a terrific 0 to 100 km/h time (3.0 seconds) and could cradle the driver to a top speed of 375 Km/h.

The TSR, on the other hand, wants to be an offering for the other end of the spectrum – a full-on, track-only supercar that can tackle the likes of the P1 GTR, the Vulcan and the FXX K. A hardcore version of an already impressive hypercar, if you will.

Its race-spec elements, including the slick tires, aggressive splitters, large honeycomb mesh grille, rear diffuser and humongous rear wing shows that the vehicle looks for a worthy competitor on the track.

Correction: The article previous stated that the TS1 had the same engine as the ST1.

Photos Carscoops/Brad Anderson