Buick Says Avista Will NOT Get Built – And That’s That

When revealed at the Detroit Motor Show, the Avista concept caused quite a bit of stir thanks to its impressive styling and “make-it-happen” reception.

Unfortunately, Buick never intended to throw the Avista into production, a fact confirmed by the car maker’s vice president Tony DiSalle in an interview with Wards Auto: “[The Avista] was purely a concept and meant to generate some buzz…No other plans for now.”

DiSalle did throw superlatives such as “phenomenal” and “unreal” when describing the public’ reaction. Still, this wasn’t enough for it to move beyond the concept stage.

Buick’s VP even debunked the rumor that the Avista concept would be converted from a coupe to a sedan.

“Regal is the athlete in our lineup, and in fact Regal owners are our lowest-age buyers at 47 years old. Regal is a premium sedan in the midsize-car segment, and while the growth now is in crossovers, Regal is still very important because the midsize segment is huge and we need a volume car in that segment. Speculation about Regal is just that, speculation.”

To sadden Buick fans a little bit more, DiSalle continued saying the Avista isn’t even a styling exercise made to express Buick’s future design theme, as that particular role belongs to the another concept:

“The Avenir shows the new front-end styling at Buick (that) first shows up in the ʼ17 LaCrosse and will be on all our vehicles over the next two years.”


  • Vanishing Boy

    SMH -> The Avista now joins the G8 ST, Code 130R, Coupe60, Suburban 2500HD, & the Sixteen as one of GM’s most promising never built vehicles… :/

    • Liam Paul

      GM Needs a big kick in the ass, they make a great looking car and , thanks we are glad you all like it but we will keep the one only 1/3 of you all like that has style dating back to 2009 !!!!

      UGH GM Wake the hell up. The Avista is what GM of the 50’s were so popular for, style far past all other automakers . SMH

  • Ara Rezaee

    What a bunch of morons

  • no25

    Noooooo this is the first Buick I have ever actually liked. POOR move, Buick.

  • Raya

    Of course, they won’t build it. Its a GM. They can only make beautiful concepts like this, avenir, elmiraj…
    But in reality, u only get boring and dated looking ct6… idiots.

  • GGG

    Translation………not enough demand for this type of car in China.

    Thats was Johan de N. said:

    “[I feel] emotional tugs at my heartstrings when I hear names like the Eldorado and Coupe de Ville. But I will tell you, to a 30-year-old luxury brand intender in China, it means absolutely zero.”

    Thats it guys, from now these fools work only for China…. Thats why the called that dated cadillac “ct6” , because chinese feel better with these kind of names.. idiots

    • gary4205

      If not for China, Buick would have been dead long ago. It’s the biggest market for those things. While Americans forgot about this great brand, the Chinese look at it as fine luxury car with great prestige. It’s status symbol to them. So yeah, the Buick guys work for the Chinese!

  • Ilbirs

    Dear GM, if it is to show amazing vehicles that look a bit like a production spec model and give us hope to see them on the streets, please don’t do it. This attitude is becoming very boring and it’s counting against you, making us label you as the auto group that make us dream with great cars but show us a reality that isn’t so bright. Thanks.

  • john1168

    This is the STUPIDEST automotive news I’ve read in a long time!!! GM makes some good stuff but at times they can be the BIGGEST bunch of MORONS on the face of the Earth!!! Not enough enthusiasm from the public? WTF did they expect? BJ’s from everyone!!! This Avista had the highest enthusiasm from the public that I’ve seen in a long time. DiSalle talks about how they don’t want to replace the Regal with this car. I agree 100% but DUH, this car shouldn’t be replacing the Regal with the Avista. The Avista should be more upscale than the Regal and SHOULD be Buicks halo car. The Avista should replace the Cascada! Buick can make a coupe/convertible and a 4 door coupe that could be an AFFORDABLE version of the Porsche Panamera, Audi’s A7 and BMW’s 6 series! It would have been a GREAT halo car for Buick. But, I guess they want the Cascada as their halo car…..LMFAO!!! Now GM will say that it might step on the toes of Caddy. Maybe, but I think a little in house rivalry would be a good thing and force Caddy to up their game. GM will also say how China won’t buy it. Well, that maybe true and in the past coupes from GM, Ford and Dodge haven’t sold well in the past 20 years but that’s because they were pieces of crap. Cars are built a lot better today and I think people would be more willing to have a nice car like this as an extra car.

  • TheBelltower

    Buick is lame. Looks like that won’t change soon.

    • john1168

      Buick blows…

    • Liam Paul

      Looks like Buick is still my granddad’s car !!!

      • john1168


  • hot new yorker

    Idiots!!! In 10 years from now someone’s gonna say they made huge mistake not making Avista even as a four door coupe.

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • AstonMartin

    Simply put, Buick is a fool. I personally watched at the NAIAS when people lost their minds when they first gazed upon the AvIsta Concept. I too stared in amazement at the strikingly beautiful coupe lines. To not build this car for the public should be a crime. Buick has supposedly been attempting to position themselves to attract a younger buyer – here is/was your chance. As Chappelle would say – Buick, your fkg up!

  • Tex

    Good move. Their clientele, being in mid life crisis or the old fartdom stage, usually reaches for the Corvette.

  • Bo Hanan

    God forbid Buick threaten the ATS-Coupe and Camaro.
    Frankly, the Avista looks better than both.

    • Liam Paul

      you are probably right about that but if they made all three priced for their market, it would not hurt the others but they have a cheaper ATS and more expensive camaro that both would be hurt by this car and yea GM/Buick wants to also keep that Its my grampa’s ride feel I guess about the buick cars

  • Daniel Craft

    What a huge mistake

  • Liam Paul

    Buick really deserves to fade away for being this stupid ! GM has a great looking car that would sell in good numbers and bring traffic into buick dealerships and no they decided to pass it up. You know GM I was all for GM being bailed out Last time around but if GM is this stupid, GM better not cry for my taxes to bail the company out next time. GM wasted how much money to make a concept everyone loves and they say great, NOW we won’t make it then ! UGHHHHHHHH SMDH

    • Bo Hanan

      Buick is so successful in China that it could stop selling cars in every other country (but China) and still be profitable. Buick ranks higher than Caddy in China. On a BMW-Merc-Audi level even. I would bet the decision was lobbied hard to GM by Chevy & Caddy.

      • Liam Paul

        how much more popular would buick be if they made cars all other countries beside china wanted ?

        • gary4205

          They already tried that, and failed. Like it, don’t like it. The facts are what they are.

  • Garry

    So this must be reverse psychology. They couldn’t be stupid enough to walk away from a game changer. Give yer heads a shake Buick. Come on now this should be your future. Like duh!

  • Kash

    I understand why GM/Buick isn’t building the Avista and a lot of it has to do with average buyer’s age. I don’t think we’ll see anything like the Avista come to the market until Buick can reposition themselves away from the 45+ crowd down to the mid 30’s at least. I think a 4 door coupe based on the Avista to slot around the Regal would help with that. Cadillac and Chevy aren’t going to do one so why not make Buick a somewhat niche brand like Scion was to Toyota. 4 door coupes and Coupe SUV’s while still selling things like the Enclave and LaCrosse and such would do well.

    • Liam Paul

      That is just the thing, Buick can’t do that without a car like the Avista

      • Kash

        I think they can with cars that are going to be a little safer of a bet. a 4 door versions of the Avista would be a safer bet and would draw in that younger crowd.

  • Honda NSX-R

    What a poor decision

  • Anthony Bugge

    Why would GM want a beautiful stunning car in there portfolio. They are the concept car kings. That’s all they are good for concepts and boring road cars. GM will never have a good looking vehicle in there line up if the yanks control the decision making

  • rob

    Bring back Pontiac and make this the Grand Prix.

  • no25

    GM should’ve kept Saturn or Pontiac over Buick. Damn.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Hey, listen, at least they’re being honest. Unlike some car companies that show a concept of car that’s actually important in their portfolio and still serve but a whisper of what was promised. Lookn’ at you, Lincoln. Lookn’ at you, Subaru.

  • ME

    Use the design then for a Monte Carlo; this way it won’t step on Cadillac toes if it were a Buick.

    • Liam Paul

      I could see this as a monte carlo but it would hurt cameo sells ! Buick needs a Cameo style car and this could be a great grand national

      • James Denz

        What’s a cameo?

        • Topkat

          It’s CAMARO misspelled . (LOL)

  • CarBrough

    This should have been the new RIVIERA… #disappointed

  • Matt

    I don’t think anyone is surprised.

  • S3XY

    Then what the f*ck was the point of it?

    The only Buick i’ve ever liked. Those guys are dumb, and probably old.

    And if you aren’t making an electric car you will be left in the past.

  • JBsC6

    It would have been too easy to produce the Avista and it was too good looking and too well received by the public. GM had to say no. I’m a little old to buy a camaro but the Avista with an LT1 would have been right up my alley for under 50 grand,

  • thunder bolt

    Duh, not surprise at all.

  • Six Thousand Times

    A lot of you are angry but it’s all SUVs and China now. Sorry guys, thete’s no business case for cool cars.

  • Gregory Cassanova

    Well then [email protected]!k you buick.

  • roy

    i curse you Buick/GM that sergio(FCA) takes over as your CEO

    • Liam Paul

      lol I like this

  • Jeff Neibler

    Thats an awefull expensive “Buzz” @Tony DiSalle!

  • Liam Paul

    sell the damn design to hyundai then and let them use it as the next genesis coupe :)-

  • John S.

    I am 71..with that said, I told my wife that if I ever even mention Buick and new car in the same sentence she could just close the lid because obviously, I was dead. Then I saw the Avista, and all of a sudden, Buick was back in the game…not! Once again GM, with Buick, will plod along selling middle of the road cars to people who also buy refrigerators with the same sense of, just another appliance. But we all know Cadillac is the “fair haired boy” at GM, and this Buick would have dumped all over those delivery crates with this design, as well as the a 4 door version. Sad.

  • Dan Facciolo

    No kidding! Great car, wrong badge.

  • Jarm

    It’s a shame because this car can be built as a coupe, convertible and sedan just like they did in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s a crime that GM doesn’t produce this car. This could be their Halo car and I’m sure they know it. It’s obvious that they are afraid that the Cadillac brand will loose sales to Buick. This is a much nicer design than anything from Cadillac. I have an idea. Fire the Cadillac design team and hire the Buick team. It’s amazing to me how the auto manufacturers can build so many ugly non-descript vehicles. If you removed the logos you couldn’t tell a Lexus from a Kia. Please don’t view the Cascada as a halo vehicle. It looks like a bathtub with wheels.

  • Chuck

    Motor Trend says that there is an Avista sedan concept sitting in the GM studio in Warren. Buick is finalizing it’s business case, and GM CEO Mary Barra thinks Buick needs a halo car. The Cascada is already halfway through its life cycle as an Opel, so the need for a halo car is only a few years away.

  • James Denz

    Notice that DiSalle said “no plans for it ‘now’.” Could he be saying that there may be an Avista later?

  • Dennis James

    Idiots. Now you know why the US government had to bail them out.

  • Tom

    I thought the point of a concept car was to gauge public response to the design? What’s this BS about trying to “generate some buzz”? Buzz about what?

  • caruso81

    “Buick Says Avista Will NOT Get Built – And That’s That”

    Thus illustrating why Buick’s demographic is best represented by the parking lot at 4:30 at a diner in Boca Raton.

    “Hey! We’re Buick! Our cars are cool! And they’re not just for old people!! Oh, that really cool car parked over there that would completely change the public’s impression of our brand and convince tens of thousands of people to consider Buick instead of the Mercedes and Lexuses they have been buying? Naahh, we’re not interested in that.

  • Arjuna

    Bad move, Buick. It was the only Buick I was ever interested in. Please change your mind and BUILD THE AVISTA!

  • Topkat

    This is the VERY reason just WHY , when BUICK built the AVISTA concept, I KNEW that it would NEVER see production !!! American Car Companies just CAN’T….or WON’T ….think out of the BOX . 1) it had REAR-WHEEL-DRIVE. 2) it was a PILLARLESS HARDTOP. IT DIDN’T HAVE A CHANCE !!! American Car Companies TEMPT us with bold, innovative designs…BUT when push comes to SHOVE….they continue to put out the SAME OLD 4 DOOR, 4 CYLINDER, FRONT-DRIVE ,PILLARED CRAP !!! Or…JUST ANOTHER STUPID SUV !!

  • Robert Lalouche

    The Avista is gorgeous and should be built. Every time I want to buy a GM product, I end up finding what I want instead with Audi or BMW. Now you have my interest – please build it!

  • High Altitudes

    Wow, too bad, it’s a car like this that would make me ditch Japan and come back to US autos. I guess I get another Rising Sun product. Would rather have this than the “boy racer” Camaro.

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