Classic Jeep Wagoneer Could Be Geneva’s Coolest SUV

Forget for a moment models like the Maserati Levante, the Tesla Model X or Jeep’s own 75th Anniversary editions.

Most of them wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for the 1963 Jeep Wagoneer, the founder of the luxurious large SUVs way before the term was even coined.

Jeep’s legendary model was introduced seven years before the original Range Rover and stayed in production for nearly three decades.

Among the features that made the Wagoneer stand out of its competition was the independent front suspension, power steering and of course the automatic gearbox.

Everyone remembers and praises the original Willys as the archetypal off-road vehicle but the truth is that the Wagoneer was just as revolutionary among the off-road models, offering for the first time a cabin with luxurious creature comforts in a segment filled with naked utilitarian models.

The years have been kind to the Wagoneer’s design as well, making the daddy of the SUVs a very cool car indeed.