Next Citroen C3 Picasso Spotted, Front Likely Inspired From E-Mehari

Our spies caught a prototype of the new Citroen C3 Picasso during some cold-weather testing.

The new C3 Picasso will share the same platform with the next Opel Meriva and that means that the French model will also adopt a more crossover appearance. 

The two models are expected to share most of their body panels, bar the front end judging from our spy photos. Despite the camouflage you can sort of see what Citroen plans to do with the new C3 Picasso.

The short hood with the two set of lights and the rectangle grille up front reminds us very much of the E-Mehari concept while the rear end appears to be conservatively styled, with the taillights mounted just under the rear screen.

Despite their close relationship, both the Opel and Citroen will use their own engines and transmissions, with the C3 Picasso most likely to share the same powertrains with the also upcoming 208 supermini.


  • Christian


    • this is the facelift south american C3 Picaso (aircross)

      • Christian

        Yup, and as far I know that is the one we´re getting too.

        • it’s not. This is the same as ours with minor esthetics changes. Next one made with Opel will be 100% new under the skin. (I say ours with no Idea where you live).

  • The E Maheri just has Citroën design… And has odd proportions because it’s more a Bollore Mehari, a blue car technicly.

  • Evo45

    One more ugly Citroen? Kill it instead.