Overturned Lamborghini Gallardo Bicolore Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

It may sound like an unsolved case from the X-Files, but we’re pretty sure that aliens weren’t involved and there isn’t a government conspiracy to blame either for this upside down Lamborghini Gallardo Bicolore.

Leaving all puns aside, what we’re left with is a crashed example of the limited edition super sports car produced by Lamborghini before the Huracan meant anything. The images posted by GTBoard reveal a beat up Gallardo Bicolore, whose glamorous orange/black finish is adorning the road..

There is no information on how the four-wheel drive, V10-powered machine ended up on its roof, except that it happened somewhere in France, but the photos do reveal extensive damage to the body work, on both ends. The left rear suspension is missing, along with the 19-inch wheel, wrapped in Pirelli P Zero rubber, but the cockpit seems to have stayed in one piece, minus its top, which sits lower than usual, on the driver’s side.

Hopefully the occupant(s) escaped with no serious injuries, but the same cannot be said about the Lambo, which looks like a write off, given the extent of the damage.



    • yawn

      CAPS LOCK.
      Press it.

    • Jay

      No just drive fast and hit something. That’s not hard..

  • Honda NSX-R


  • Nick

    Bulgarian mafia

  • thomas H

    It looks like a Porsche 959 in the background…

  • Thomas H

    Maybe the Gallardo-driver was having a race with the Porsche 959 in the background…

  • Wandering_Spirit

    We speed a lot in Europe…especially countries like Italy, Germany, France and Greece (but not only). Sometimes things go bad. I see A) a narrow road, B) gravel on the sides. What i can think of is he gave (too much) gas out of a bend, the car started to drift…he tried to correct oversteering and, perhaps, one or more wheels going on gravel, worsening the spin towards a 180°/360° with tyres getting caught in the small edge between gravel roadside and tarmac, making it overturn. Really sad for both car and owner.

    • Jay

      Looking at the photos(it shows both directions) there was no curve for a quite a good distance. Most likely just lost control going around slower moving traffic.

      • Kash

        Picture 2, the curve isn’t as far as you think it is, i’d say about a mile to two miles down the road and when you’re doing 80-100 mph that distance is going to be eaten by the car in no time at all. I’d say he came around the curve too fast wasn’t able to see another car pulling off the shoulder or the other car was cruising along and the guy tried to slam on his brakes, slammed too hard, lost control, turned the wheel hard trying to ditch the car rather than rear end another car, and ended up hitting a decent sized rock, bounced off it, then rolled the car.

        • Jay

          Yea lets just agree that neither of us know what really happen shall we.. lol

      • Wandering_Spirit

        Maybe you’re right. What i focus on is how can you overturn a car like that that’s wide and low. And based on my own crashes with much standard cars, in a straight or out of a bend that happens because one of the wheels hedges onto a gap between the gravel/sandy road shoulder and the tarmac (including different roadholding capabilities). You accelerate, one wheel is not on tarmac, car spins, you try to correct etc. etc….then…4WD sometimes behave weird in these situations. I remember driving a Delta Integrale when i was just 18 or 19 YO and i remember clearly that due to the fact i was used to normal cars, it would regularly oversteer instead of doing what i wanted it to do (which was entering a bend fast by trying to make the rear drift a bit)…I am really sorry for he owner anyways…