A Woman Was Driving A Lincoln With A 15-Foot Tree Stuck In Her Hood

A police officer was left stumped in Illinois after pulling over a woman driving a Lincoln Tree Car, and by ‘tree car’, we actually mean a Town Car with a 15-foot tree lodged in its engine compartment.

“A few weeks ago, a Roselle police officer saw a car driving southbound on Roselle Road with a 15-foot tree embedded in the front grill of the car,” said the Roselle Police Department in a statement. “After stopping the driver, he also noticed the airbags had been deployed (apparently from hitting the tree).”

Deputy Chief Roman Tarchala told the Daily Herald that they had received a call reporting the 2004 Lincoln Town Car driving south on Roselle Road from Irving Park Road at around 11:10 p.m. January 23.

“It’s not every day you see a car driving around with a large tree planted in the grille,” Tarchala told the newspaper. “She was pretty easy to locate.”

The woman behind the wheel, Maryann Christy, 54, was arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. She later told police that she did not remember when or where she had struck the tree.

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