Brazil’s Fiat Mobi Has The Renault Kwid In Its Sights

After the French crossover inspired the Datsun redi-GO for the Indian market, it’s now time to talk about a vehicle aimed towards the same segment, coming straight from Brazil.

Produced by Fiat and wearing the Mobi moniker, the latest minicar has been priced from R$31,900, just $9,100 at the current exchange rates, for the Easy trim that is equipped with 13-inch wheels with hubcaps, body-colored bumpers, Emergency Stop Signal, Lane Change Warning and split rear seats.

Fiat also offers the Easy On, Like, Like On, Way and Way On guises, with the most expensive one featuring unique design 14-inch alloy wheels, flared fenders, bumper guards and roof rails, among others, all from R$43,800 ($12,500), and there are also 40 Mopar accessories to choose from.

Some of the goodies found on the Mobi include follow-me home headlights, electrically adjustable side mirrors, rearview camera, electric windows, air conditioning, trip computer, infotainment system with 6.2-inch display, navigation system, USB, AUX and multi-function steering wheel.

All variants use a 1.0-liter four-cylinder flex-fuel engine producing 77 HP when running on petrol or 75 HP on ethanol and 93 Nm/97 Nm (69/72 lb-ft) of torque respectively. Power is sent to the wheels through a standard 5-speed manual gearbox.


  • Przemix

    What’s under the chasis? Panda mk3?

    • Xandao

      Actually we don’t know yet, probably its the same Palio’s 1997 base recycled over and over again.

    • Diego

      In fact Mobi uses the base that also gives rise to our Grand Siena, Palio , Uno and Fiorino . Base that is also shared with the current Panda. Forgive English.

      • Przemix

        Thanks for your reply!

  • fabri99

    Why are brazilian cars so ugly?
    It’s not cheaper to make them ugly (a plain and bland design would be cheap, a fugly and complicated one isn’t) and…well, they look ugly. South Americans have eyes too, they deserve better looking cars.

    • Xandao

      Brazilian here. I agree with you and I wish more people think like that here. But believe me, there always a bunch moron who will buy this crap.

  • roy

    the front even looks like a renault kwid

  • Fulvio Martinbianco

    We have the most expensive car in the world, due to our ridiculous taxes. So the “solution” is to use the same chassis that are being used for at least 10 to 20 years ( projects already payed by now) and refurbish them for these newcomers. If this is not the case, just bring a whole lineup from a “emerging country” brand, rebadge them all and call them yours (Dacia-Renault). We are doomed here in Brazil, “cheap” cars are, in the majority, ugly, unsafe, cramped and low tech.