Germany Looking Into Making Electric Cars Tax-Free

In a bid to boost sales of electric vehicles, the German government reportedly plans to exempt them from the national vehicle tax.

The report comes from the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, citing sources from within the government. The alleged plan says that each person buying an EV by 2020 will not have to pay the vehicle’s tax for 10 years.

A research program for boosting the battery technology development is also under consideration. The country’s Conservatives party and their Social Democrat partners have agreed on the main points of the plan, with the full package to be announced this week.

Incentives are also possible but the matter will be decided later, with German car manufacturers known for pushing that agenda for a long time, especially after Volkswagen’s emissions scandal.

Germany wants to see the number of electric cars on their road increasing up to a million vehicles by 2020, from the 50,000 that are currently registered.