Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Is A Glimpse Into The Car Maker’s Future

Toying with the idea of a replacement for the QX70, Infiniti brought the QX Sport Inspiration to Beijing.

Described as an elegant and powerful expression of progressive SUV design, the concept’s sleek, simple design lays down some markers for future QX models.

The vehicle’s design stands out with its taut lines and muscular haunches, sporting a long bonnet and a raked, coupe-style roofline and silhouette, inspired by Infiniti’s “Powerful Elegance” form language that embeds the car maker’s style hallmarks – the signature double-arch grille and so-called, “human-eye” headlamps.

“The QX Sport Inspiration is a statement of intent from Infiniti, showcasing a daring design philosophy and a demonstration of our capabilities in the mid-size SUV segment”, said Roland Krueger, President of Infiniti

Offering a 230 mm (9.1 in) ground clearance, short overhangs, a wide stance, a 1,900 mm (74.8 in) width, and a 4,600 mm (181.1 in) length, the concept promises true off-road versatility – as the automaker says – although it’s difficult to imagine an Infiniti out on the trail.

That said, the SUV’s aerodynamic crafted body oozes more urban sophistication on top of everything else, and that’s where we’ll probably see most of the production-variant models – if the concept’s form and style comes to fruition, of course.


  • MarketAndChurch

    So far, my favorite from Beijing.

  • Kash

    Yeah this thing is an inch smaller than the QX50 and ~9 inches shorter than the QX70, so i wouldn’t really see this thing as a QX70 replacement, but that’s just me.

    • Carmaker1

      And bingo, you got it! I have said many times the past 2 weeks, that this is for the QX50, which was fully designed by as early as September 2014.

      The next QX70’s (S52) styling barely just got signed off for late 2018, that previewing it would be premature and short notice for Nissan advanced designers.

      The QX70 got a very minor refresh for MY2017, which will run about 2 1/2 years. The MY2018 QX50 is due next year.

      The original QX50 was also previewed in April 2007 as the EX Concept, so pretty similar to that.

      Shiro Nakamura was so enthralled with the work of a Renault designer on loan to Nissan Design in 2013, he assigned him the J51 Infiniti EX30t (now QX50) programme.

      Many people have chosen not to believe me, but the dimensions prove what this is somewhat.

      The “new” 2016 model year QX50 facelift was a heavily belated introduction and stop-gap, that was planned for earlier release.

      People I know (personnel, dealer GMs, shareholders) where shown that in prototype form 3 years ago. It will run 2 years, before this replaces it.

      To be honest, I am tired of reading so-so journalism, which is hardly investigative and shows how low the bar has fallen in automotive media.

      A busy young engineer like myself having this much time and effort to source such information, proves this shouldn’t be as difficult for auto journalists and that many are borderline lazy.

      • Steel Punk

        You should read Motor Authority. They reported it as next QX50. Twin-turbo V6.

  • Carmaker1

    This is for the next QX50, which is code-named “J51”. I have prior knowledge that Nissan signed off on an all-new QX50 design by the 3rd quarter of 2014, intended for release during the 2018 model year.

    I had no prior knowledge of this QX Sport Inspiration Concept, but I now am aware this previews that very vehicle.

    On November 28, 2014, I was shown the MY2017 Q60 coupe, Q30 hatch, and QX30 CUV, not expecting the 2015 Q60 Concept and QX30 Concept to be shown the very following year.

    From what I knew upon their debuts, it was very obvious they merely dressed up the production cars for an early preview. I expect the same here.

    Thus, do not expect Infiniti to have the time to transform this concept into the final product. The way this looks and background information, it’s already done deal the final production car, at least until mid-cycle.

    Although internal work on a new QX70 has already reached formal approval, for a late 2018 launch, this is not it.

    This concept is apparently not for the QX70 specifically, but that of the QX50, due by the end of 2017. It looks to me that the dual screen user interface in the related V37 siblings, will be replaced.

    From what I have heard from a Nissan UK engineer, preliminary work on the V38 AKA next Q50 is already underway. The MY2016 is not the only update the V37 will get, as there’s more coming soon before redesign.

    The 2019 Infiniti QX60 has been designed as of January and will be complete by July, when testing mostly takes over and out by late 2018.

    The next Patrol/QX80 already have final styling, they are no more than 3 years out and the 3rd generation Nissan Armada will follow.

    Both the Q80 saloon and QX70 (FX) are still 2 years out. The next Q70 I have heard has been finished on one side, while one dealer GM claimed it will be discontinued.

    • xDRAN0x

      thanks for sharing this, very interested in the news models to come from Infiniti with the new turbo V6 engines . Any idea on transmission roadmap / dual-clutch possibilities?

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