These Are The Mazda CX-4 Images Everyone’s Been Waiting For

Shedding its camouflage and leaving the dark background aside, the newest member of Mazda’s crossover family, the CX-4, reveals its shape just hours after it published a set of teaser images.

Adopting a similar coupe-like profile as BMW’s X4 and Mercedes-Benz’s GLC Coupe, the CX-4 wears Mazda’s signature grille, flanked by slim headlights with LED technology, while at the rear, the automaker has thrown in taillights similar to what can be found on the rest of the range, joined together by a chrome strip. The model’s signature cue is the rakish roofline, which gives it a sportier stance.

Inside, the crossover has a dashboard that mirrors the one from the Mazda3, with a floating center display controllable through the rotary knob fitted behind the gearshift lever, identical dials that sit behind a multi-function steering wheel and what seems to be an electronic parking brake.

China’s Auto163 reports that the Mazda CX-4 will get two four-cylinder petrol engines, a 158 HP 2.0-liter and a 192 HP 2.5-liter, adopted from the CX-5. Speaking of the CX-5, the sportier CX-4 is said to be 78 mm longer and 175 mm lower, while maintaining the same width and wheelbase length.

At the moment, rumor has it that Mazda will only offer the CX-4 exclusively in China. Full details on the crossover will be announced on April 25, when it will debut at the Beijing Auto Show.


  • Kash

    It looks an awful lot like a wagon on stilts especially in pic 4

    • TheHake

      Less practical than a wagon on stilts…

      • Kash

        i don’t think practicality was something they were going for tbh.

        • TheHake

          True, but most people buy something with that in mind. Most people without kids would prefer something more sporty or car-like, while people with kids would like more space. I really like this, and hope it succeeds, but I just don’t know…

          • Kash

            I think it’ll succeed in China but I’m still wondering if it’s going to a be a worldwide product or china only car.

          • Able

            That’s why the CX-5 exists, it’s the more practical brother.

      • T-Whiz

        Practical shmactical. It’s better to look good and this looks a whole lot better than good.

  • Marwan Abdul Hak

    175 mm lower? is this still a crossover with a ride hight?

    • Kash

      I think most of that 175 was lost from the height of the body. the windows look substantially smaller than the CX-5’s and disproportionately small compared to the doors.

  • Andrewthecarguy

    I like it. Especially pic 4 of 24 with the side profile.
    I think Mazda got the styling of the SUV coupe thingy right. People will buy this.

  • John Smith

    It’s basically a Mazda 3 with a raised suspension. Still looks good, but there’s not point of it in the States.

    • redav

      Subaru sells the Crosstrek, which is just an Impreza on stilts.

      • John Smith

        Yeah, but the CX-3 is already the same size as the Mazda 3. Then they have the CX-5 as the next size up. So where would the CX-4 land?

        • me

          CX-3 is smaller than Mazda3. It’s on Mazda2 platform.

  • ThisWas

    The steering wheel is designed for easy replacement of the Takata airbag.

  • Rod Miranne

    I’m very interested in this Mazda as a possible replacement for my 07 Mazda 6i 5-door, if they bring it to the USA.

  • Six Thousand Times

    If you must, this one seems nice.

  • Gregory Cassanova

    “These Are The Mazda CX-4 Images Everyone’s Been Waiting For”…………..not me looks like crap!

  • thunder bolt

    so so quality ain’t gonna cut it.

  • Janar Siniväli

    Beautiful. One detail is bothering though – the power window buttons seem to indicate that only the driver’s window has an automatic function. A small detail but it is still 2010s already.

  • Six_Tymes

    looks good. price it right and it will sell.

  • redav

    This is first time I’ve noticed the ‘wrap-around’ chrome at the D-pillar. It’s a unique design feature. Everyone else either outlines the entire window opening with chrome or just does the belt line in chrome.

    I’m glad they aren’t shoehorning a black strip onto the D-pillar to create the ‘floating roof’ appearance like the CX-3, Lexus RX, all the Nissans, etc.

  • Luis

    It looks nice but im not sure it will do good here in the states. What they need to do is make the CX3 a bit larger in its next cycle.

  • Chau Ka Kit Michael

    the CX4 is like Nissan Skyline Crossover in our country or Infiniti ex37 in the US? just a bit bigger than a hatch, yet smaller than a wagon?

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