These Are Smart’s New 2017 Brabus ForTwo & ForFour

The new Smart Brabus models are here for those who believe what a quirky car needed was more turbo boost.

Debuting all at once at this week’s Beijing Motor Show, the Smart ForTwo, ForFour and Cabriolet versions of the Brabus series follow in the footsteps of their predecessors with sharp bodykits, big(ish) wheels and a great big helping of turbocharging to a little three-cylinder engine.

The power this time comes from an 898-cc engine with 107hp (109PS) and 170 Nm of torque, modest improvements over the old car but gains of around 20 percent over the standard 0.9-liter turbo car. Smart says the Brabus ForTwo can get up to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds and up to at least 180 km/h top speed.

But to further cement the Smart Brabus’ sporting credentials, there is a snarlier exhaust note, a more aggressive steering setup and a revised six-speed dual-clutch transmission the incorporates a “Race Start” system for, “optimal rpm and clutch slip for maximum acceleration from rest.” Yeah, this Smart has launch control.

A range of Brabus Xclusive options includes cosmetic touches to upgrade the car, including sport seats covered in Nappa leather and stitched dashboard.

The Smart Brabus models go on sale in Europe in July.

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  • Six_Tymes

    “smart cars” for dumb buyers. lol

    • Chick_Tract_Fil_A

      you laugh at your own jokes – seems lonely.

  • Fling3t

    I would have wanted at least 130 hp. If the twingo rs only has 107 hp too people will be disappointed

    • smartacus

      i tend to agree. 130HP would have been more appropriate for a Brabus than 107HP.

  • Finkployd

    Smart did well with their marketing bc this has the aura of a premium car

  • smartacus

    just a couple of weeks ago i got a smart car loaner while my car was in for service.
    I couldn’t even take it off the lot because the check engine light was on.
    And this was a brand new 2016!
    Whatever they are doing with the new one, it is not working.
    The old one was ironically more reliable.

    **so they set me up with a Mustang Convertible instead.
    Zero faults or issues and i even averaged 32-33MPG on 87 Regular

    (which is very very close to the money you will spend on 91-93 Octane Premium in the 39MPG smart fortwo)

  • Vassilis

    Nice! Maybe it would be even nicer with a little more power but I don’t know if it’d become too dangerous for the car.

  • cat

    Rear brakes of drums in the sport version? why not discs? i’ts better

  • Baby buggy

    Reminds me of a “souped up” baby buggy!

  • Mark van Loo

    It’s slower than the 451 fortwo BRABUS, which had 98, 101 and later 112/120 hp in BRABUS Ultimate versions…

  • Tinky-Winky

    It still needs more power. 0-100 in about 8 seconds or less would be nicer.

  • GlobalPostitpad

    With a VW UP! TSI available and fairly firm rumours of an UP! GTI I can’t see who would be attracted to this car at this price. You are getting up past 500 Abarth type money here.
    The performance is underwhelming and price outrageous.
    I had interest in this car as a potential purchase before I read the specs and price.

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