2017 Mazda3 / Axela Facelift Leaked?

One of our readers sent us this Japanese brochure shot showing what is alleged to be the facelifted 2017 Mazda Axela, otherwise known as the Mazda3 to the rest of the world.

Since there are no styling differences between the current JDM Axela and the overseas Mazda3 other than the name and engine specs, we’re going to assume that, if this brochure is real, then the same will apply to the upcoming mid-life facelift for Mazda’s compact model.

As you can see in the image shown here, changes to the exterior are subtle, with the front end gaining a reshaped grille with a relocated Mazda logo and shorter chrome extensions that now stop at the new headlamp clusters instead of extending above them, and a reworked bumper with new turning lights and a lower vent that follows the shape of the grille for a sleeker look. The exterior mirrors now incorporate turning signals too.

That’s all we can tell from this single picture, but if the recent update of the Mazda6 is any indication, we can expect some light tweaks to the rear and the interior as well.

The current generation Mazda3 was presented in mid-2013, so the time is ripe for a mid-cycle update.

Thanks to Ken for the photo!

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  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Is the grille bigger or just starting to look too big for the face?

    • Luis

      I thought the same the grill looks bigger..or it could be the pic…

    • Colfair

      looks good to me

  • Kenneth

    I like the new face, but I’d like, even more, to hear Mazda is adding more sound deadening material to lower interior noise.

    • J Hump

      Make that two of us, I love my 16′ 3HB.. but the road noise makes if feel like its not a brand new car

  • Six_Tymes

    this looks great. I might have to check it out when it arrives

    • Leo

      Hard to pick changes from 2014-16 model I was told by dealer mid August for new model

  • alexxx


  • Matthijs

    Looks much better! More body and sharper looks. I hope they change the rear lights a bit more as well and the interior needs a big update as well. Looked good but got dated quickly

  • kachuks

    Very tasteful vents on the front bumper. Something other brands should look into.

  • Herb

    Good product
    Put real price on sticker, eliminate salesmen, use a cash register.
    Dealers are so full of s…
    Nothing but a con game.

  • Althea Later

    Maybe they can figure out how to paint it a color other than the same 7 shades of grey, blue and red for the last how many years.

    • Luis

      i love Mazda 3’s..but perhaps they could introduce a new color even its a limited edition color.

  • Jake

    It’s actually the rear I’m hoping they work on. Looks cheap, the rear.

  • Josh

    I’d be really happy to see them make LED headlights standard on the Mazda3. I mean, the Corolla has them, and I’ve always thought Mazda to be a bit more tech-oriented than Toyota.

  • 2cents Worth

    2017 Mazda3 sgt can’t get here soon enough. The 2017 Hyundai Elantra is selling already as of 5/19/16 in Florida. By the time the 2017 Mazda3 arrives in USA it’ll be a almost a year old. Hopefully Mazda’s interior opted for Tan & Lgt Gray dashs next to the windshield as Black generates way TOO much interior heat in southern & southwestern states. The two tone interior with black next to the windshield is NOT cohesively aesthetic& hot. Improve the sun visor with internal extensions sideways to better block the near the equator intense sun, nothing more aggravating then a huge driver/passenger window with a worthless, skinny sun visor that doesn’t effectively BLOCK sun.

    • Aj

      i agree with the tan, but definitely not the black comment.. I hate every shade of grey and i’m glad mazda doesn’t use it. My current 2010 mazda3 has the tan and black interior, I love it

  • Dũng Auto

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