Alfa Romeo’s 503hp Giulia QV Detailed In Smokey New Gallery [59 Pics]

The Italian M3 rival is finally ready to hit the roads, with Alfa Romeo currently launching the Giulia in the European market.

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde (or Cloverleaf for English-speaking countries) wants to offer not only a genuine alternative to the usual high-performance saloons from Germany, but aims to reshuffle the cards in the segment.

Powered by a ‘Ferrari-inspired’ twin-turbo 2.9-litre V6 producing 503hp and 600Nm (442 lb ft) of peak torque, it is capable of a 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 3.9 seconds, topping out at an unrestricted 190mph (305km/h).

Alfa Romeo claims that the Giulia QV offers the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, tipping the scales at 1524kg dry and offering a 50-50 weight distribution between the axles. Doors and wings are made out of aluminum, with a carbon-fibre bonnet and roof to keep the weight down and low to the ground.

The steering has just 2 full turns from lock to lock, aiming to offer Ferrari levels of directness while the company has integrated Torque Vectoring tech into the limited-slip differential in order to control the supplied torque independently for each wheel.

Engineers have gone for a double wishbone front suspension with a multilink rear and adaptable dampers sourced from ZF Sachs. The company aims to offer the Giulia QV in many configurations, including versions with AWD and/or paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox in the place of the standard six-speed manual. Customers in the UK will only get the option of a RWD automatic version.

The driver will have four driving modes to choose from: Dynamic, Natural, Advanced Efficiency and a QV-exclusive Race mode which turns the stability control off and tunes the chassis for driving on a track.

The bodywork features an advanced aero agenda, including an active front splitter made out of carbon, offering a genuine 100kg of downforce at top speed. The drag coefficient of the new Giulia QV is rated at 0.32 Cx.

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde is priced from 79,000 euros ($89,000 in current exchange rates) in Italy and an estimated £55,000 ($79,000 in current exchange rates) in the UK. Pricing in other European countries will be announced in the coming days.


  • Feod

    It’s not Quadrifoglio Verde but just Quadrifoglio!

  • Dennis James

    It is a really nice car, but not as light as I first tought. 1524kg dry (hopefully the article has the correct info) while the M3 is 1610 kg on the EU standard (75kg driver and 90% fuel tank) means the M3 is actually lighter. However, it does have quite a bit more power than the M3, which is great news. At 503hp and twin-turbo torque, the AWD version is welcome.

  • Kash

    It needs rims with some meatier spokes. I can’t help but look at it and worry about the car (which looks super heavy) just crushing those thinly spoked rims.

  • TheHake

    It’s already smoking from all the oil it uses…

    • europeon

      You are confused. VAG cars eat oil, Alfas never did that.

      • Status

        For Alfas the electrics go, so in effect, it can’t burn oil if it never runs.

        • europeon

          Are you one of those hardcore Alfisti that owned a lot of Alfas so you can say that based on your experience, or just one of those idiots spreading this kind of BS and misinformations because you “heard it on the internet”?

          I’ll go with the latter.

          • Status

            You don’t have to own an Alfa to know they are unreliable. Just like you don’t have to own an American car to know they are unreliable.

            You don’t have to be a hardcore owner of any car brand to know how unreliable they are. Your ‘no true Scotsman’ fallacy is weak.

          • europeon

            Basically your “knowledge” on cars reliability is based on… what exactly?

            It happens that I have owned a couple of Alfas in the past, also I have quite a few good friends that own or owned Alfas, and neither of us had any of those electrical problems you know about.

            As for the fallacy you invoked, it’s you that makes unreasoned assertions, so yeah…. I will call you again an idiot that spread misinformation over the internet.

          • Status

            And all you have are unsubstantiated and unquantifiable anecdotes.

            Worthless anecdotes.

            So what, exactly, do you have over me? Nothing. Nothing that’s verifiable. Nothing that’s worth considering. Nothing to add. Nothing to change.

            Furthermore, I don’t have to own a car to know it’s unsafe and unreliable in exactly the same reasoning that I don’t have to be a member of a religion to know that it is worthless and destructive.

          • europeon

            What exactly I have over you? First hand experience with a lot of Alfas, as I told you.

            I won’t entertain you anymore, it took me way to long to realize how stupid you are.

          • Bo Hanan

            I agree with Status. And I owned a lot of Alfa’s.

          • europeon

            I don’t know what Alfas you owned, but I dare you to go on AlfaOwner or any other reputable Alfist community site, and find me proof modern Alfas have problems like that. It should be easy, we all know that only unhappy customers go bitch and whine on the forums.

          • Status

            So that would mean that others who say that they own Alfas, which I don’t believe you do, would rather keep up the false appearance of reliability of the brand rather than publicly admit they made a mistake that the car is a heap, and look for reasons to attack others who question the reliability.

            You know if you had a sword and a holy book, all you would need is a beard as a excuse to exercise your blind faith for Alfa by over looking their shortcomings.

  • Mr. Crankypants

    If I bought one I would move to a state that doesn’t require a front license plate

  • fabri99

    It could look better, but I still thinks this is super-hot and deserves a Alfa badge.

  • Astonman

    I would like to see a rendering of what a 2 door coupe would look like.

  • Dennis James

    The white color option costs 2400 EUR, which is absolutely insane. All other colors except some red paint cost 1100 EUR and up. Option pricing on this car is quite a bit stupid, to be honest. It does worth its price when bought without any option, though.

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