Watch Angry Chinese Woman Smash Jaguar Out Of The Way With Her RR Evoque

As annoying as getting blocked in might be, taking manners into your own hands and damaging another person’s property as well as your own may not be the most enlightened idea.

According to Chinese media, this incident happened in the city of Xiamen, Fujian Province, and the 26-year old women behind the wheel of the white Range Rover Evoque had no intention of waiting around for the owner of that Jaguar XF to come back.

She proceeded to push the Jag away with her own car until she had enough room to exit what was said to have been her personal parking spot. Apparently she even rocked the car back and forth a few times in order to make enough room.

This in turn attracted a large crowd of locals which went on to cheer for her, take pictures and eventually even clap as she made her escape. And no, it seems that nobody tried to stop her or reason with her.

What’s equally surprising is that the owner of the XF didn’t show up until nightfall, which is probably the worst thing you can do when blocking somebody in just because you can’t be bothered to look for a parking spot of your own. As for the damage, from what we can see none of that stuff will buff right out, which means replacing the right-hand side doors, mirror, wing and right-front tire.

Police have charged the unnamed woman with destruction of private property. 

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  • Jay

    ha ford bashing a ford.

    • Jason Miller

      Neither of those companies are owned by Ford anymore…

      • Kash

        No but the first gen XF (the one in this video) used a Ford platform, in fact JLR bought the rights to the platform after Ford stopped using it. And the platform used in the Evoque is based on another Ford platform. While Ford doesn’t own them anymore, Ford is still the basis for a lot of JLR stuff until recently. Ford still supplies the V6 diesels to JLR as well.

  • donald seymour

    Ha sibling rivalry at its best.

  • thunder bolt

    In America, we call the police, the police gives a ticket, and calls the towing company. it will probably take a little longer to move the car, but with less damage to both parties.

    • Socarboy

      I witnessed something very similar 20 years ago in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I only wish I were to have got it on camera.

  • tiesta

    China, the new Russia.

  • Bobby Ang

    Apparently they managed to contact the Jaguar owner, after waiting for more than 1 hour. The Jaguar owner said “Ram my car if you dare” … thus …

    Also, she’s not charged, when she’s ramming the Jag, police was there.

  • CFK

    Great news Carscoops…

  • Shit happens

    In today’s over poltically correct world, I like that.
    The Jaguar should not have parked there. If you don’t give a shit about others, don’t be surprised if something like this happens!

  • carsmofo

    she drove it like a Landwind X7…

  • Aquaflex

    That crappy camera work, no sound and recorded in the wrong aspect…but still funny….but u can’t just ram people’s cars! Maybe in China!

  • Shaun Tan

    From another source (with audio and slightly different angle), some additional information:
    – Onlookers told the driver to strike the middle, touting it as “safest” (I have no idea safe based on what exactly) and “least damaging”
    – The title is misleading; the driver wasn’t angry whatsoever (based on footage) and even looked back at the damage instead of outright leaving
    – Onlookers insisted that the driver leaves (more specifically not to stay at that location)
    – Again the description is somewhat misleading, the crowd (while being busybodies) was “cheering” not “because driver was angry” (assuming that’s what the description is trying to tell) bur rather to help the driver get out of that sticky situation

    Personal thoughts:
    – What a douche you’d have to be to block the car for an entire day (or at least daylight)
    – I don’t condone such actions really but what if you had to get somewhere urgently..
    – Also I can’t tell if driver was male or female; the video I saw made it look like a man but yeah irrelevant

    Source: FB and I can understand Mandarin Chinese.

  • Shaun Tan

    Typo: “but”, not “bur”.

  • klowik

    He didn’t have to care about his copy cat Landwin got damaged, it’s not a real LandRover anyway.

  • herschel wince

    Wait, wha? Dat Mrs Bang Ding Ow? She chinee? Holree fuk!

  • benT

    YO BITCH!!
    Police charges can be a lot more serious in China than Europe for these types of crime.

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