Here’s Evidence That Ford Is Working On Hotter Focus RS500

It’s been rumored recently that Ford is mulling a wackier version of its already potent Focus RS, and while we’ve yet to obtain official confirmation, these spy shots could provide the first evidence of what could become the new RS500.

The only visible difference over the standard Focus RS – aside from the missing trim on the driver’s side fog light surround, is the vented hood that looks like the one used on the previous-gen Focus RS500 that was never offered in North America, but that makes sense if it’s an early development test mule, as the important changes are hidden under the sheet-metal.

The original Focus RS500 was the fiercest Focus ever and was considered by many as the spiritual successor to the 1980s Sierra RS500 with its 2.5-liter turbocharged inline-five picking up 45hp and 14lb-ft (19Nm) over the stock RS to produce 345hp (350PS) and 339 lb-ft (460Nm) to reduce the front-wheel drive car’s 0-62mph (100km/h) time from 5.9 to 5.6sec.

This time around, the current-gen base Focus RS is an even more sophisticated, powerful and faster beast, pairing a 345hp (350PS) and 324lb-ft (440Nm) 2.3-liter four-cylinder turbo to a 6speed manual and a clever all-wheel drive system that help it reach a top speed of 165mph (266km/h) with 0-62mph (100km/h) dispatched in just 4.7 seconds.

In other words, even the regular Focus RS is a lot quicker than the previous top model, while thanks to the switch to AWD, the next RS500 can handle a lot more power. How much? That’s something we don’t know yet, but it wouldn’t be farfetched to see Ford giving it around 400-horses. Together with other improvements such as a lighter body and possibly even a dual-clutch transmission, the Focus RS500 could nab the title of the fastest and most hardcore compact model in the world.

We should know more about Ford’s intentions in the coming months if not weeks.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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  • Six_Tymes

    PLEASE be on the new upcoming plat form

    doubtful, doesn’t look it in the pictures

    • Matt

      It’s not.

  • xDRAN0x

    DSG please

    • Tyrus R.

      It would be a significant performance improvement!! The under-powered Golf R out-accelerating the souped-up Focus RS in a straightaway is not a good look!

    • javier

      dsg will help, too bad that they might ditch sound deadening cuz it’s already less refined than the others

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Maybe it might actually be 500 horses.

    • Evo45

      Then Ford can create a hyper-hatch class 😀

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Maybe they might actually make it 500 HP. If they do, it will:
    Vaporize the Golf R
    Incinerate the WRX
    Sauté the M2
    Ignore the RS3
    Bully the A45
    Shit on the TTRS
    Impregnate the Mustang & Camaro (Ecoboost and V6 respectively)
    Embarrass the M4
    Piss on the RS4
    Diss the ATS-V
    Make the Challenger SRT wet the bed
    And make the Giulia QV and C63S take a breath.

    All while not. Giving. a. SINGLE. FUCK.

    P.S Used a little hyperbole.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Okay, in all seriousness, this could be great. Not only as a send off for the excellent 3rd gen model(or start for the Mk4), but to claim the throne of the hot hatches/sedans in the most American way possible. By stuffing a fuckton of power in it. So like I said in my comment below(if they didn’t delete it…) (450-) 500 Horsepower would be killer. I was disappointed by the Mustang Ecoboost, and completely disillusioned myself from it after seeing the GT Ecoboost and the star of this comment, the Focus RS. I do have ideas for the model, seeing as it might be Limited Edition.

    1. It should have a nicer inside.
    I feel that Ford cares about its vehicles (more than Mitsubishi), so it should have a better interior, the fallout of the Focus line as a whole.The RS500 should have better materials than plastic in the car. Being the “out of nowhere tier-breaker” it is, it needs to look like it is, inside and- you know the rest.

    2. Look Fucking Mental
    The Focus RS as is looks insane. This will look like the devil’s barely legal rally car. Specially Forged lightweight wheels with exclusive all-seasons. A specially designed diffuser, widened-er body, Rally-er inspired spoiler, fender vents, etc. The RX was based on the RS’s looks. This will make it come full-circle.

    3. Be Fucking Mental.
    This can’t be a factory ricer, though. And it won’t. Bigger intercooler, more powerful turbos, Advanced All-Wheel Drive with suspension for dirt play and circuit storming alike. if it can be improved, gearing (no auto though), Brembo 6 pistons (what else?). If possible, they should try to make it as RW- biased as possible in the car(to dump salt in the wounds of the M2/3)

    4. Make a sedan
    Wait- Fuck No.

    5. Crush the competition.
    This is an American car. Actually, it’s German. So after everything falls into place, like usual, it is time to BEAT THE LIVING S**T OUT OF ANYTHING STANDING IN ITS WAY. The Honda Type- R Seat Leon ST 270, and Megane Trophy, have all trolled the ‘ring before. This will flip the Germarican bird to the Green Hell. Two models can be used for this:

    -The Regular One: This will really piss them off. And it can still haul groceries. As well as ass, obviously. This you and your family can live with, and still have a blast. Still okay on economy.Estate available.

    450- 475 HP twin-turbo 2.3 liter inline-4 Top speed: 155-170 MPH
    Cylinder Deactivation for Increased fuel economy
    Upgraded Recaro seats
    new RS2 Ultimate package
    “Rally” & “Circuit” Modes
    Limited Edition “KB43” model to recognize WRC Driver Ken Block, including signed plaque in car

    Starting at $47,234-Hatch $55,234-Estate

    -The RS-Cosworth
    Cosworth. This will probably ban you from there. They’ve really gone and done it. 3 Door body only+ 500/510 HP No backseat. Carbon fiber, and forged alumimum, reduced boot space, and grippy on road/rallycross inspired tires, wide body. Why? Because it’s fucking awesome. And completely unlimited. Cylinder deactivation for- sike!!!

    510 HP 2.3 Liter Cosworth-tuned Ecoboost twin-turbo inline-4 Top speed: 190 MPH
    Lightweight Aluminum and optional Carbon Fiber
    Forged aluminium and Carbon Fiber RallyCross, RallyCross Pro, Clubsport, and Clubsport Plus wheels, with specially made tires by Pirelli, Michelin and Hankook.
    World RallyCross-inspired 3-door body and semi-stripped interior w/ optional A/C and “SYNC” deletion
    New “WRC” and “Nurburgring” driving modes
    Carbon fiber, Ultimate Tarmac, and DIRT packages
    All signed by a member of the Ford Performance racing teams.

    Brembo carbon ceramic disc brakes exclusive to this model alone.

    Starting at $58,510

    P.S: acceleration figures yet to be determined, will be fast, though. Also, this is a romanticized vision, from a guy crazy about cars. Feel free to comment though. 😛

    • Good write up, well done!

    • First Last

      That was amazing. Good work.

  • SgtBeavis

    It’ll be hard enough to get our mitts on a ‘plain jane’ RS in the States. I’m betting the RS500 will be near impossible to buy.

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