1016 Industries Adds Power, Aero & Custom Wheels To Lambo Aventador

When it comes to the Aventador, what most tuners do is add performance upgrades along with aero upgrades so that owners can genuinely attempt to go even faster.

Such is the case with this 1016 Industries-tuned white Aventador, which now pushes down no less than 780 BHP (790 PS) thanks to engine management reprogramming, sport catalysts, custom exhaust, high flow air intakes and filters plus an exclusive gearbox and driveline recalibration.

In terms of aero mods, you’re looking at a full aerospace-grade carbon fiber kit consisting of a two-piece diffuser, rear wing, front spoiler, modular front lip, side skirts and detachable side outer flippers.

The wing however is the most predominant feature on the car – being unique in its fit, attachment, form and adjustability. It utilizes a reverse airfoil profile to enhance downforce and improve the profile of the supercar as well.

Options include a full engine bay panel replacement, full exterior trim replacement, full interior trim replacement and other bespoke carbon fiber panel replacements.

Last but not least, the car sits on a set of lightweight Gunmetal ADV5.0 Track Spec CS Series wheels, measuring 22×9.5 at the front and 22×11.5 at the rear.


  • BGM

    Wait. Is this the regular Aventador or the SV? Because if it’s the regular one then this tuner made it look like the SV and if it’s the SV then all they did was add a couple of carbon fiber bits and charge you the price of an Altima for it.

    • It’s an Aventador LP-700-4 with a full aero kit and ADV.1 Wheels added. Not the SV actually, so it looks pretty nice.

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