Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept Spawns Sleek CLS Four-Door Creation

If reports are to be believed, the Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept introduced last weekend previews a Rolls-Royce Wraith rival from the German brand.

However, could the design of the Maybach 6 also influence future high-end luxury models from Mercedes-Benz? Perhaps a Maybach-branded variant of the CLS?

Theophilus Chin has rendered just that in his latest piece of magic be turning the low-slung and insanely long Maybach 6 into a sleek five door with a shorter hood but the same flowing, aerodynamic and sophisticated lines of the concept.

The results are the perfect medium between last year’s IAA Concept and the Maybach 6 and to the uninitiated, the final product looks like a real concept Mercedes has introduced.

Will such a model come to fruition?

Probably not like this but there’s every chance the Maybach name could extend to the CLS range. If it does then there’s a possibility that styling elements from the 6 could trickle their way through to an uber-luxury, sporty sedan.


  • Kash

    Now if Mercedes does decided to launch the SEC 4-door coupe, i could see that getting a Maybach treatment before something as small as the CLS does.

    • europeon

      As I recall, they already said other cars, beside the S, will get a Maybach treatment as a high end trim. Maybe that’s why @TheBelltower:disqus was so confused what Maybach is all about nowadays.

      • Kash

        We know they’re doing a Maybach SUV (probably the GLS), but i didn’t think they said anything about models outside the S and GLS?

        • europeon

          Yeah, prolly that’s it. I vaguely recall when they said that, can’t remember if they were referring only to the GLS or other models as well.

          • Kash

            I think i know which interview you’re talking about and I think it was vaguely specific about the SUV but it was coming from a question like “Is there a possibility of other models getting the Maybach treatment?”

            OT: I’d rather see them do a S600 Maybach coupe.

    • Elmediterraneo

      SEC was the old the name for the 2 DOOR S Class coupe until the first generation CL in the 90’s
      S from S-class, E means Einspritzung (for petrol injection engine) and C for Coupe.
      So basically 500 SEC was just the name of a S500 Coupe in that in the 80’s

      So if Mercedes want’s to build an S-class based 4 door coupe, first of all they’ve had to change the name of the CLS. Why ? Because the current CLS is E-class based so they have to call it CLE. But they wouldn’t.
      There are no 4 door luxury market for the moment. The luxury segement is concentrated to the conventionals limousines and 2 door coupes/convertibles but he tries to expand with luxury SUV.
      That’s why BMW has recentley dropped out the idea of luxury 4 door coupe called the 9 series to focus on a more conventional 2 door 8 series.
      And actually the priority of Mercedes in this market is to make the next generation GLS a true competitor of the Bentley Bentayga.

      • Kash

        There was a report some time ago that said they might revive the SEC name for a 4 door coupe based on the S-class so they wouldn’t have to rename the CLS, even if it’s a BS report i was simply referencing that.

        The luxury market is more than limo’s and coupes, especially outside China. In America it’s SUV’s, 4-door coupes, SUV coupes, and full size sedans like the S and 7. If i remember correctly BMW never confirmed the 9 series, and since they’re planning on building a new 8 to step up to the S-class and the 6 steps down to the E-class it wouldn’t surprise me if they did make a gran coupe version, especially since there is a 6 series gran coupe. 2 door coupes are a niche thing anymore. People are buying the CLS and 6 series Gran coupe after having a 2 door coupe when they have kids or when they want/need something with 4 doors.

        I also don’t remember the 9 series being so much a large 4 door coupe, but rather a sedan larger than the 7 series and more of a Maybach-style sedan and if it was a 4 door coupe it wouldn’t get the 9 series name because of BMW’s naming structure. BMW just said they’re still considering something like that earlier this year.

        The real reason they’re building the 8 series is because they realized the 6 series loses traction in both markets it sits between. It’s too expensive for people looking at the E-class and maybe even a little too big, but too small for people looking at the S-class, which is why the 8 is needed.

  • matrem

    I dig it.

  • Nordschleife

    I just hope that they give the new CLS a more distinctive front end rather than the same coupè or sedan front clip. If the could make a stylish production front end of the IAA concept that would be cool.


  • Tumbi Mtika


  • Elmediterraneo

    Imagine any of those concepts as the future of each Mercedes sub-brand :
    AMG with AMG Vision Granturismo
    Maybach with Vision Maybach 6
    EQ with IAA Concept

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