Rezvani’s New $200,000 Beast Alpha Has Funky SideWinder Doors And A Lotus Chassis

Californian builder Rezvani has added a new model to their range, the new Beast Alpha.

The model is essentially a hardtop version of the Beast launched last year but does differ beyond simply having a fixed roof.

Most notably, the Beast Alpha isn’t based around the Ariel Atom like its roadster sibling and instead uses a Lotus-based aluminum chassis. Additionally, the Beast Alpha no longer uses a turbocharger alongside the Honda-sourced 2.4-liter K24 four-cylinder and instead draws on extra power courtesy of a Rotrex supercharger. The engine also benefits from new cams, stronger pistons and rods and a ported head.

All told, it pumps out 500 hp, weighs 1,950 pounds (884 kg) and is able to accelerate from zero to 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 3.2 seconds before topping out at 175 mph (281 km/h).

Elsewhere, the Beast Alpha is made unique thanks to its new ‘SideWinder’ doors which despite look highly impractical, do give the sports car yet another interesting talking point. In the cabin, owners will be treated to plush black alcantara and leather, an infotainment system supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, air conditioning, air bags and a number of different driving modes, including one which maximizes fuel efficiency.

Prices for the Honda Beast, no wait…sorry, the Rezvani Beast start at $200,000.


  • SteersUright

    Outside is quite beautiful. Inside, it falls apart. Really could’ve dressed up the interior with more quality for a $200k car.

    • Kash

      the goal was to keep the car light so they didn’t want to go overboard on the interior.

      • Alex

        i guess that’s why they add all this mechanism for the fancy doors?

        • Kash

          the choice probably came down to one or the other. either super fancy/plush interior or stripped down interior and fancy doors? which is going to make more a statement? the doors.

  • Kash

    they’re backwards minivan doors that shouldn’t be opened near curbs or in tight parking spots.

    • donald seymour

      I was going to upvote you, but I see that I already did. Because that’s exactly what the doors are.

  • surfshop

    Oh what silly doors you have

  • Bash

    those doors are ridiculous… and not practical… and the interior lacks class, and the main screen on the center console looks after market, and the digital speed LCD screen looks cheap Chinese Nintendo like…
    the Equus 770, is way better, has nicer interior..

  • Miknik

    The Lotus Elise will at some point surely surpass (or already has) the Fiat 124 (the original sedan) in rems of “cars being derived from”, and in terms of being built forever….

    • donald seymour

      Yeah, I’m seeing that now. Laugh out Loud

  • Mind Synthetic

    its a no for me, lacks refinement, and full of inexperienced college kid/designer wannabe. very poor execution on the door mechanism. over hyped as always

  • salamOOn

    200 000 and they will give you terrible looking impractical gimmicky doors and 80s interior….

  • Tinky-Winky

    Cockpit looks like it has been taken from some 80s economy car and covered with finer materials.

  • Karl

    Needs to go to finishing school,the overall quality looks atrocious at best!

  • Sjaak

    In many ways not a bad design but….the front screen simply does not fit in the whole. Especially seen from front and detones.Iit shows too easily that the underpinngs are from Lotus.

  • fabri99

    Koenigsegg wannabe much?

  • still cool ,i need one !