How About This Custom Black & White Interior For Mercedes’ GLE Coupe?

If most other TopCar custom interiors for Mercedes-Benz‘s GLE or GLE Coupe strike you as a bit over-the-top, perhaps this black & white design with red stitching will be more to your liking.

This particular cabin belongs to a GLE Coupe Inferno model, where Inferno is the name of the body kit worn by the Mercedes-Benz SUV. It’s usually made up of a carbon fiber bonnet, large air intakes, front & rear fender extensions, side skirts and a large diffuser.

Inside, you get lots of choices regarding customization, however if you don’t want carbon fiber, or anything too flamboyant like…crocodile leather or gold accents, a simple black and white contrast look might just do the job.

You could even call this interior sporty, mostly thanks to color combo on the seats and the red stitching that’s also present on the armrest, door panels and on top of the steering wheel.

Some white stitching is also available for the center hub as well as the edges of the seats, but it’s a little hard to notice, all things considered.


  • Akira

    I just think of how dirty the steering wheel and seats bolsters will be after just a month…

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      Very true.
      It is however very fresh from the showroom.

  • BlackPegasus

    How about a newly designed dash from Mercedes instead? That center stack says 2010 C-class.