Lumma’s CLR G800 Is A Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe On Steroids

Have you ever looked at a Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and thought that it needs a more imposing stance?

Well, Lumma did, and so they came up with a special tuning package for the German SUV called the CLR G800.

You might remember it from a previous story covered last year, but this is an entirely new vehicle equipped with it, which also brings a few special touches that include the carbon finish for the front and rear spoiler lips, roof wing and air inlet covers, along with a glossy black rear diffuser frame.

There’s also a carbon finish look for the front grille bars, along with several glossy black bits and the contrasting Ferrari Rosso Corsa shade. Moreover, Lumma has also fitted new wheels, brakes and exhaust system. This particular GLE Coupe is a 450 AMG and comes with a performance kit that increases the twin-turbo V6 engine’s output by 87 horsepower, for a total of 449 HP.


  • Kash

    Let’s see if we can go one article without people complaining about 4-door coupes as a whole not being real coupes or saying how stupid the “coupe SUV” thing is because they don’t realize it’s not about practicality and it’s all about flaunting the person’s wealth and disposable income to buy something like the GLE or X6.

    • Day_Trader

      I like it bro. In its original skin, not so much due to those rubber wheel arches.

      • Kash

        I loved mine, before it got stolen. I didn’t mind the arches but mine was also black… lol.

        • Day_Trader

          Oh yeah, on black it’s alright; I was thinking of gray/silver colour.

          So, what happened, did the cops recover it?!?

          • Kash

            I was getting ready to have it wrapped in this flecked matte silver, it was stunning. lol.

            They recovered the customs rims and the engine in the back of a box van heading to LA and presumably Mexico. NHP pulled the truck over to do an inspection. That was ~3 weeks after reporting it stolen and when my insurance got notified about that they cut me a check. lol. The nice part was I still had the stock rims and i got the custom ones back, so I sold both sets and ended up in the black. I was going to get another one, but then i drove a loaner one and realized I didn’t really need anything that big and now I’m waiting on my F-Pace S to be delivered.

          • Day_Trader

            Wow what a story man. Sorry to hear about all that, but glad you’re in black at the end. Now F Pace is another interesting toy! We got same tastes.

          • Kash

            You’re telling me the car was parked behind a gated driveway in a gated community. As for the F-pace I am a little hesitant because my F-type was a complete lemon and after 4 months Jag just tore up my lease, but it was one of the first ones off the line.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    It’s ugly, and I feel they can do better with these fastback SUVs.