2017 Ford GT Officially Boasts 647 HP, 217-MPH Top Speed

The new Ford GT has certainly managed to capture our attention, but we’ve been lacking certain key figures. Fortunately the Blue Oval automaker has now released the supercar’s full specifications, and they certainly look impressive.

For starters, while Ford has promised the new GT would deliver over 600 horsepower, it has now confirmed final output figures at 647 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque.

With that much muscle on tap and just 3,054 pounds (dry) to motivate, Ford says the new supercar will top out at 216 mph. Unfortunately it has not released other key performance metrics such as its 0-60 or 1/4-mile time, but it has given us something arguably more relevant to chew on.

While undergoing development last year, Ford took the new GT to Calabogie Motorsports Park – a four-hour drive (towards Ottawa and Montreal) from the Multimatic facility in Markham, Ontario, where the supercar is being assembled. And the team also brought along a McLaren 675LT and Ferrari 458 Speciale for comparison, reporting to have prepared them all with fresh rubber, optimal suspension settings, and with the fluids topped up – and lapped them all under identical conditions and with the same driver behind the wheel. And the Ford beat them both.

Where the McLaren posted a time of 2:10.8 and the Ferrari a 2:12.9, the Ford hustled around the track in 2:09.8. That’s pretty impressive, even if it’s the newer, more powerful 488 GTB that Ford cites as the GT’s main rival (alongside the long-tail McLaren).

Though the Ford bests the Speciale in terms of output, it falls short of the 488 in both metrics, and splits the difference between the McLaren’s figures. Those figures, however, are achieved with a smaller engine that’s down a few hundred CC and a couple of cylinders on its rivals (yet somehow delivers poorer fuel economy). It’s also worth noting that, as irrelevant as it might be to most of its customers, Ford is charging considerably more for the GT: $400k+ is substantially more than the $250k 488, $300k Speciale, and $350k 675.

Check out the full technical specifications released to date, if you’re so inclined, which we’ve posted below for the pleasure of your geeking out.

Technical Specifications

  • Six_Tymes

    Congrats Ford! and no doubt “charging considerably more” because of the huge amount of R&D costs that went into it.

  • JJ

    Faster than these two but slower than the upcoming Mclaren 720…

    • Jason Miller

      Well it’s a little hard to benchmark against a car that’s not available for sale yet.

  • Craig

    I wonder how small you would have to be to fit into this car.

  • Kaisuke971

    Those specs are really disappointing especially for those, like Shmee150, who will have to wait years for it. It’s not that light (dry weight is higher than the LT Spider’s !), the specific power is good (184hp/l, better than the P1’s V8) but not enough to justify the ridiculous fuel consumption plus still less than the current competition.

    For the track perf i’ll wait for an actual test because we have no idea what kind of tyres were used on each cars, it was probably done by a Ford driver (who knows the GT better) plus even then it’s not that much faster than the current competition, that’ll be replaced in 2 years time (488 Speciale and 720S), when some will start getting their GT.

    Half a million dollar for that hell no: it doesn’t even have a fancy badge to kinda back it up, the interior is spartan, and it doesn’t sound that good (from what i’ve seen on Shmee’s videos).

    • Joel

      What do you mean it doesn’t have a badge to back it up? The only badge worthy – LeMans24, 2016.

      • Kaisuke971

        Was it really worthy with a win that dirty ? And no i don’t think being an Ecoboost Ford GT justifies the 100 000$+ premium over the competition.

        • Mill0048

          I feel like we’re getting to a point where the value proposition for these super-cars, hyper-cars, an mega-cars is evolving to be less focused on actual competitive performance and more about collect-ability, exclusivity, and novelty. These types cars have stratospheric performance levels most of their owners don’t really touch anyway. And they probably aren’t sitting around arguing with each other over 1/4-mile times or anything like that.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Not really great. For a supercar with worse fuel economy than a Viper, you really should have something more substantial than this. It looks good, but it falls short. That’s rather sad. The 720S will be cheaper anyways.

  • pureworx

    hmm… “Those figures, however, are achieved with a smaller engine that’s down a few hundred CC and a couple of cylinders on its rivals (yet somehow delivers poorer fuel economy).”

    downsizing doesn’t always mean better economy. and since when has ford ever been a leader in fuel economy. they can barely build a decent engine without using other company designs and resources (volvo, mazda etc..).

  • Bob White

    Not faster than current competition and nearly twice as expensive.
    It has the wrong engine but I understand that this is a marketing exercise.
    Styling is A+
    Availability is Zero unless you’re having sex with Bill Ford.

  • Paul Webster

    I consider myself a “Ford guy”, but the new GT does almost nothing for me. Seems this car was built for elites and is a wanna be competitor to European elites. BFD.

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