New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe Will Have You Lusting For More

The third member in Mercedes-Benz’s fleet of elegant coupe models has debuted at the Detroit Auto Show in the form of the E-Class Coupe.

Pictured below in E400 4Matic guise, the E-Class Coupe slots between its C- and S-Class siblings and brings with it familiar styling and all the luxury trimmings and technologies found in its four-door brother.

Although Europe will get four models from launch, only the E400 in rear- and all-wheel drive configurations has been confirmed for the U.S. and Canada at this stage. Both use a 3.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine delivering 329 hp and joined by a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Inside, the E-Class Coupe is almost identical to the sedan but does include some special touches, including redesigned circular air vents. Elsewhere, the now-familiar 12.3-inch dual displays are available for the gauge cluster and infotainment system while all manner of luscious materials make the vehicle’s cabin a particularly inviting place.

Photos Estrada


  • TheBelltower

    One thing I have to say about Mercedes… lately they are getting it right. They make it look effortless.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    The long rear window with the fake pillar in it makes the rear panel look really long in a 3/4 photo.

    • Grumpy

      I prefer smaller coupes for that very same reason. The C, 4 series look proportionate. No doubt there will be a Photoshoped Ute version on here soon.

      • bxniels0

        More’s the pity the C class coupe isn’t pillarless and the rear windows could be lowered. Then it would be a “true” coupe and even better 🙂

    • bxniels0

      True. It almost looks like it should have a hatchback.

    • Bash

      Really? I love it, makes it more sleek imo. but to each their own.

  • supermanuel

    Brad, please explain your title “New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe Will Have You Lusting For More.”

    • Day_Trader

      I’d rather be lusting a donut than E coupe.

  • Braddo

    Wow there is no identity with Benz models any more. Totally expected underwhelming dull design.

  • Mr E Fella

    this makes me bored, the old E-Class Coupe looked better because it was easily a MB but was also its own self. now it just looks like all the other MB cars. I am not excited by this at all, in fact if i wanted a MB coupe, id probably just buy the C-Class because it looks the same and costs less

  • Kash

    I love the rim design but they’re too big for this size car. Throw them on the GLE with some meatier tires and they’d look stellar.

    • Bash

      I like your attention to details

      • Kash

        It’s my job to notice this stuff. lol. You should see me at work.

  • Sybill Julian

    wow such a nice wheels!

  • Nope.
    E-class coupe never had any elegance or beauty.
    Current one is a bug-eyed blob, no matter how much bling they put on it, lines are just too compromised by the size of the cabin.
    Some of the lines are nice (for a change), but it’s just not the wild muscular cat it should be.
    (Yes, I know they have a couple of such coupes in the line-up currently.)