VLF Automotive’s X-Series Is One Of The Ugliest Vehicles In Detroit

What is that X Series from VLF Automotive? Is it a legitimate vehicle? Who laid eyes on it and decided that more people should see it too?

I admit that I have no idea what the VLF Automotive X-Series is. I did a brief research to find out more information online but there is nothing out there yet. Contrary to every rule of reporting and at least until our man Zac gathers some information from the show floor, I decided that it doesn’t matter, because it looks like a poorly done replica of a Hummer with an ugly face in a yucky color.

VLF Automotive is known so far for models like the Destino, a Fisker Karma that ditched the eco-friendly hybrid powertrain for a supercharged 638hp 6.2-litre V8, giving the beautiful four-door a power source that matches its looks.

They’ve also shown the Force 1, an impressive re-bodied version of the Dodge Viper which uses a modified version of the 8.4-litre V10 to produce 745hp. It needs 3.0 seconds flat to reach 60mph from a standstill, while the top speed is a claimed 218mph (350km/h).

And here lies the question: what is the X-Series doing among this company, with its cheap-looking stickers, awkward shape and that unbearable front end? Whoever has more info on this creation, please leave a comment below and I’ll respond as soon as my vision returns.


  • Big Black Duck

    i can’t call this ugly..yes they forgot to rake in the grille to make it a more cohesive design…but i have seen worse…

  • Six_Tymes

    vomit, its absolutely hideous, especially the front grill, it looks like an after thought.


  • themrchuyin

    Looks like The Simpsons Canyonero

  • Santiago Chang

    This is something that you would see at GTAV with the exterior looking from game designer.
    But without the hummer-looking-ish front end, I would call it a proper off-road vehicle.

  • Bash

    they should have painted it in black at least!

  • Kannag Don Amenra

    The front probably looks as good or as bad as the Audi Q8. I pick bad.

  • Gust

    Thats what happens when Hummer try to copy Navara

  • Zed68

    Looks like a Pontiac Aztec mated with a Jeep.

  • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes

    its not ugly, but its not very good looking, its a ok design 🙂

  • fabri99

    The colour isn’t yucky.

  • CarCzarDesigner

    Regarding the front end on this, all VLF had to do was put some curvature on the front, rather than making it perfectly flat and this wouldn’t look so weird. The designers knew this and this special edition won’t be cheap, yet it looks cheap. So the question is…why?

  • ZastavaFTW
    • Finkployd

      ugh now that angle is definitely unflattering

  • Gerald Michael

    Ugly seems to be the theme of this year’s show.

  • Benjamin B.

    They were a bit late to the crowd. The Chinese already copied the Hummer H2.

  • Chad Gordon

    Is it an unfortunate rebody of the Colorado? That greenhouse looks like the little Chevy to me.

  • Liam Paul

    it is strange looking not ugly. It could have a cult following

  • smartacus

    wow! looks even more rugged than a Mitsubishi Mirage!

  • Sjaak

    Dear editors, This is not the first and will not be the last ugly design in Carscoops.

  • Mr E Fella

    this reminds me of the time will.i.am got west coast customs to rebody a delorean and tried to pass the deformity off as a new car. but this time it looks like theyve done it with a durango or something.

  • Mr E Fella

    I’d wager there’s a Durango (or Grand Cherokee) under that.

  • Mike Hartson

    from someone who wasn’t even at the show this is a prettty bold “blog”. i think the x series looks pretty bad ass, like that big a** armored truck from the fast and furious movies, but made in the USA! take it from me, I WAS AT THE SHOW YESTERDAY, unlike you?