Audi Earns Naming Rights To DC United’s New State-Of-The-Art Stadium

Audi announced that starting with the 2018 season, DC United’s brand new soccer stadium will be called ‘Audi Field’.

The new stadium, home to one of the most decorated soccer franchises in the US, will host a variety of sporting, music and cultural events along the newly developed DC southwest waterfront.

“We are excited to work with DC United and to continue our support of soccer in America as well the community near our Northern Virginia headquarters,” said Audi of America marketing exec, Loren Angelo. “This commitment helps Audi connect with passionate soccer fans of all ages and the greater community through unique experiences that continue to elevate their excitement in America’s fastest-growing sport.”

Audi is also the official automotive sponsor of Major League Soccer in the US, which has been helping the automaker reach a new fast-growing audience ever since they started this venture back in 2015.

“We are thrilled to partner with such an incredible brand that is not only recognized in North America, but throughout the world. Audi has transcended the automobile industry and fully embraced the culture of soccer, especially in MLS,” said DC United exec, Jason Levien. “We couldn’t think of a better partner to name our stadium and we look forward to forging extraordinary memories for years to come at Audi Field.”

Once completed, Audi Field will feature 31 luxury suites with a total capacity for 20,000 fans. The grounds will also feature a bike valet and 500,000 total square feet of retail space on location.

Aside from their US-based ventures, Audi has also been sponsoring European powerhouse FC Bayern Munchen ever since 2002.


  • Tumbi Mtika

    I like the look of this and all, BUT:

    What happened to Chevrolet FC? You would think they would have an American automotive sponsor for their fußballstad- I mean football stadi-I mean soccer field.

    • pjl35

      Why? Just because it’s in DC?

  • badcyclist

    When did “earns” become a synonym for “buys”?

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