Aston Martin Rapide To Be Discontinued In Favor Of EV

Aston Martin has confirmed that the V12-powered Rapide we’re familiar with will soon be killed off to make way for an all-electric variant.

The company’s chief executive Andy Palmer told Motoring that the Rapide will be initially replaced by the all-electric RapidE while later on the DBX crossover and a new Lagonda-badged sedan will indirectly take its position in the Aston Martin range.

“So obviously there’s a platform for the electric Rapide, so it has life in front of it, but the Rapide as you see it today is also going to be replaced by the DBX on one hand and the Lagonda on the other,” he revealed.

Aston first unveiled the RapidE as a concept in late 2015 and while it isn’t yet known if Aston intends on keeping the styling unchanged for the production model, the car has the potential to be even more potent than the recent Rapide AMR thanks to around 800 hp of electric grunt.

Next year, the RapidE will hit the market, says Palmer, and then be followed up by the DBX in 2019. While a new Lagonda model hasn’t yet been signed off, it should hit the roads early next decade.


  • nastinupe

    The car had a lot of potential. It was beautiful but simply too cramped in the rear seats. It also had almost no trunk space.

    • Nordschleife

      Exactly. They with the new platform and lessons learned, the Rapide could have been one amazing sedan in it next iteration.

  • Belthronding Tinuviel

    aston could have used rapide much more better i think.
    sales volume was never high and also awareness was poor.
    when they launched rapide, we all liked it but after sometime, design got outdated unexpectedly.
    as a boost ,(potential) v8 derivative could be useful but never happened.


  • Tumbi Mtika

    I’m sad.