Maserati Levante Looks Sportier Thanks To Mansory

It may not have been that long ago that Maserati was principally a sports car manufacturer alongside the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini. And while it’s made four-door sedans since the 1960s, these days it’s more of a luxury automaker than an exotic one.

Mansory wants to help bridge the divide, though. So among all the attention-grabbing tuning jobs it’s brought to the Geneva Motor Show this year is a Levante decked out to look more like a GranTurismo MC.

The most obvious change is the bulging black hood with that big air scoop in the middle, which contrasts so starkly with the bright orange bodywork, a theme which continues inside but would probably look more at home on a McLaren.

That’s hardly the extend of it, though – “extent” being the operative word. Mansory has extended the wheel arches and added all manner of aerodynamic appendages: front lip spoiler, side skirts, diffuser, roof spoiler… the works, all done up in carbon fiber and built in-house.

Those widened fenders house bigger wheels, measuring 22 inches at each corner, and driven by a modestly enhanced powertrain. With a new air filter, exhaust, and remapped ECU, the 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 produces 465 metric horsepower – 35 more than the standard Levante S. That may not yield a very substantial gain, but at least it can look the part.

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  • Miknik

    I think a Manory Management meeting just asks what they can add to make cars tackier, more tasteless and Dubai nouveau riche like.

    • Denzel

      At least it’s the cleanest and simplest one they made this far.

      • Miknik

        True, but that’s a bit like saying that to have one specific STD is the least embarrassing, or one torture method is less painful than the others…..

  • Markey

    Looking at their latest efforts, I think Mansory should be made illegal, about NOW

  • europeon

    > bulging black hood

    As opposed to the stock one that looks exactly the same minus the vent?

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • Belthronding Tinuviel

    like it!