Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Could Spawn A Family Of Models

It has emerged that the newly-launched Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross may spawn a family of models that includes different body styles and performance versions.

During an interview with Motoring at the Geneva Motor Show, Mitsubishi’s program director C&D-segment, Hiroshi Yamauchi, revealed that a number of different options are being explored for the Eclipse Cross.

Asked about a possible Ralliart variant, Yamauchi said “It’s possible. I think that is one option, but first I want to get the feedback from the market and then I will decide which direction should be on the life-cycle management.

“I am not sure at this moment which direction is appropriate for new Eclipse Cross… The Ralliart version is one option,” he said.

Additionally, Yamauchi said that it would be possible for the Japanese marque to develop a three-door version but hinted it would only become a reality if the standard five-door Eclipse Cross sells in high numbers.

“Three-door version is interesting, that is my opinion. But business-wise it is difficult due to small unit volume. If we want to develop a three-door version I need much more investment – a lot of money. To get more investment we need much more volume all over the world. So at this moment I think it would be very difficult to develop a three-door version.”


  • Mike Gonzalez

    as if the Eclipse nickname wasn’t prostituted enough with this monstrosity, they plan on making even more ugly looking cars sharing that mythical name… Mitsubishi, you guys can keep each one of them

  • RS6 Performance Wagon Lover

    How about spawning a Lancer sedan and hatch? Maybe a wagon?

    • Bash

      that’s too smart for Mitsubishi to even think about, their brains would explode. lol

  • Benjamin B.

    Eclipse Evolution, I bet you Mitsubishi would.

  • Dennis Scipio

    Instead of the Eclipse Cross, Mitsubishi should have called this car the Solar, would have still played on the solar eclipse, but without the eclipse name. Makes perfect sense, but too late.

    • Bash

      I couldn’t agree more

  • Bash

    OMG.. they gonna make a full line up from THAT!!

  • OD. LP

    This “truck” or rather small CUV, looks like a Pontiac Aztec & a the new generation of Honda CR-V had a child and this is exactly what it would look like. Uhh, Infiniti and Nissan engineers need to step in and help up the game of Mitsubishi… They also need lots of the help of deciding what to name their cars and how to be more creative.