Shrunken McLaren 720S Is The Closest Thing We’ll Get To Owning One

Have you seen the new McLaren 720S on display in Geneva and though that you could never get one in your garage?

Fear no more, because at £39.99 ($49), this is a supercar that everyone can afford and, of course, it’s nothing more than a scale model, albeit one with an impressive attention to detail.

The company behind it is called Scalextric, and they have worked on the toy for quite some time now. In fact, they got the chance to see the 720S’ development process, their designers visited the automaker’s headquarter to take a closer look at it, and they also benefited from numerous images and technical info, supplied by McLaren themselves.

Witnessing the British exotic machine coming to life and not being able to say anything about it was described as being “torture”, but with the 720S finally out, Scalextric have also launched their 1:32 scale models, which are available in two shades: Azores Orange and Glacier White.

And if you’re concerned about the quality of their work, then we have to remind you that this is the same company that came out with a bunch of McLaren P1 scale models, whose pricing ranged between $15 and a mind-blowing $12,000.

McLaren 720S Scale Model

McLaren 720S