2018 Acura TLX Priced From $33,000, In Showrooms Next Month

Acura‘s refreshed 2018 TLX is set to go on sale June 1st, boasting new premium features, a sportier design and an all-new A-Spec variant.

For 2018, Acura is offering the TLX with AcuraWatch as standard across all grades, as prices will start from $33,000 for the new TLX 2.4L, whereas V6-equipped versions cost upwards of $36,200.

“We’re enhancing the already outstanding performance of the Acura TLX by carrying our Precision Crafted Performance direction through to the exterior design,” said Acura VP & GM, Jon Ikeda.

“The addition of the new A-Spec further advances the TLX to a more distinctive position in the segment and enhances its appeal to a more performance oriented buyer.”

In terms of features, all TLX V6 models now have a new rear diffuser with exposed dual-exhaust outlets, whereas the Technology Package will add a chrome side sill garnish, leather seats with high-contrast stitching and piping, and a power-operated driver’s seat thigh extension.

The Advance Package on the TLX V6 means trapezoidal LED fog lights, a Surround View camera system, built-in wireless charging pad, white LED ambient interior light piping (10 locations), a heated steering wheel and rear outboard seats, power-folding side mirrors and a new body-colored decklid spoiler.

As for the all-new TLX V6 A-Spec trim, it features a matte-black diamond pentagon grille with a dark chrome surround, exclusive 19″ alloys finished in Shark Gray, flared side sills, smoked LED taillights and 4-inch round dual exhaust finishers. Completing its exterior look is a matte-black side window surround as well as A-Spec badging on the front fenders and rear decklid. Color choices are five in total and include the trim-exclusive Still Night Blue Pearl for the exterior and one of two unique interior schemes – either Black with Alcantara or Full Red.

Speaking of its interior, TLX A-Spec owners will enjoy red LED ambient light piping, red driver’s meter highlights, a black headliner and pillar treatment, brushed aluminum for the instrument panel garnish, and an exclusive “thick-rimmed” steering wheel with A-Spec badging.

As for powertrains, the 2018 TLX can be powered by either a 2.4-liter, 206 HP i-VTEC unit or a 3.5-liter 290 HP i-VTEC V6, the latter featuring a re-tuned 9-speed automatic transmission. While TLX 2.4-liter models can be equipped with the Technology Package, all V6 versions are available with Technology, A-Spec and Advance Packages, and can also be ordered in both two and all-wheel drive configurations.


  • KidRed

    No thanks. Get rid of the pointless,belt line that follows no shoulderline and inexplicably deadends before the front fender in the middle of the profile. That line makes no sense. The c-pillar is a cluttered mess on undecided lines and creases and the front end, while an improvement on the last 2 gens, is still unattractive. Those eagle eyed headlights with multiple lenses….just…can’t…not sure why…but…

  • John

    what the heck is wrong with Acura and their front design… is it that hard to look at their own Honda Accord and Civic and realize “oh man.. this is f’ing ugly”

  • TedNotTheBear

    Only parts I like are the front and the rear

  • seriously

    That grill is so odd looking; it looks like a boomerang to the face in a spec trim from the side its not bad looking especially in that blue that was similar to the Type S TL but the rest of this car is a no. Its interior still isn’t on par with the cars in its class (but I guess neither is its price). If youre thinking of buying a highly optioned Camr,y Accord, Optima etc which cost around the same I could possibly see buying this in A spec Trim otherwise not really worth a look

  • jaykit

    “a new rear diffuser with exposed dual-exhaust outlets”
    “chrome side sill garnish”

    Whoa. These guys mean business.

    • john1168

      LMAO! Yeah, don’t mess with these guys, they’re freakin’ crazy…

  • KSegg

    Damn, “exclusive 19″ alloys”. I guess BMW should just give up, Acura discovered 19″ alloys.

  • marioGTI

    The grill looks terrible !

  • Steve McQueen

    They beat the front end of that poor car with the ugly stick.

  • Benjamin B.

    The entry price is lower than a Honda Accord V6 with all options selected. I understand the TLX comes with a 2.4L, but V6 is still less than $40k. Still I’d rather have the Ford Focus RS for similar money.

  • Bo Hanan

    Acura checks all the boxes, but doesn’t bother blending them into a stylish design.
    Black rear diffuser? Check. Chrome tips? Check, etc. And I don’t see a $33K car.
    P.S. I also believe that ALL new Honda/Acura cars start out as a Civic in the design room.

  • john1168

    The front of this thing is HIDEOUS!!! The front of the current TLX is much nicer and cohesive. I’m glad they FINALLY pulled their heads out of their asses and put exhaust finishers on what they call a performance sedan. I sat in one at the NYIAS and the interior was nice but there needs to be MORE modernization. Particularly, it needs one HD center stack display. The IP could be better too. The car also needs a lot more power. At least 350hp from the V6. 290hp is a freakin’ joke, especially when some basic family sedans with V6’s have almost as much. Acura clearly isn’t serious about making a competitive sport sedan. The improvements I mention wouldn’t increase the price by that much. Engine improvements would be the most expensive depending on how they would increase the power but it still wouldn’t get the car into a much higher level of pricing.

  • Gooseman

    Where i live in Vancouver, I see the current TLX driving around A LOT these days, I just can’t see this catching on the same way the current gen has. The front end looks like a pug, unfortunately 🙁

  • Michelin

    A masterpiece design 🙁
    HONDA is a motorbike design leader, but car design is very ugly.

  • jtothada

    I guess I’m the only one that would buy this car……

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