Ford Says Affordable Electric Crossover Will Have 300+ Mile Range

Ford has ambitious targets for its first fully-electric long-range vehicle, which is set to directly rival Tesla’s upcoming Model Y.

Speaking to Yahoo about the model, Ford’s chief technology officer Raj Nair said that the all-electric crossover utility vehicle (CUV) won’t just be affordable, but that it will have a seriously impressive range.

“We think we have a technology path that will get us a 300 plus miles (482 km) range and an affordable crossover utility that will be fully competitive,” he said.

Although Ford’s electric SUV will be launched at around the same time as Tesla’s Model Y, Elon Musk hasn’t revealed too many details about his company’s “baby Model X” – other than the fact that it will be based around a new platform. Knowing that Ford is aiming for a range exceeding 300 miles, Tesla will almost certainly follow suit and according to Ford, competition will be welcomed.

“We always welcome the competition. There are some aspects of the economics of battery-electric vehicles that are helped by scale. The more penetration we get, all of us are helped by the economies of scale,” Nair said.

Alongside the development of its electric CUV, Ford is investing $4.5 billion into the electrification of its range, including hybrid versions of the Mustang, F-150 and Transit. An electric F-150 could even become a reality.

Note: Ford Kuga pictured


  • TheHake

    Will it sound like the Focus RS? Uhm…. no.

    • Mill0048

      That got me thinking, that would be an CUV I’d be proud to own: a Focus RS powered AWD Escape! And since I’m dreaming, add a Manual trans too. lol

      • Benjamin B.

        Escape RS. The Germans do it. Well, there’s a ST Line for the Kuga. Ford should sell it here. The Germans sell us M Sport BMW crossovers.

  • Benjamin B.

    I’m interested in new Escape Hybrid, which is supposedly coming back. And Europe will get a Kuga Hybrid variant too as well as a Plugin variant.

    I wonder if Ford will design a new crossover for its new electric car, or if like the Focus Electric it’ll be based on the Escape. I expect it to be the latter.