Eleanor Ford’s Own Shelby GT500 Sold For $55k

The name Eleanor carries a certain weight to it when it comes to Mustangs – Shelby Mustangs especially. And so it is with this 2007 GT500, but it owes nothing to the movie Gone In 60 Seconds.

This particular Mustang belonged to Eleanor Clay Ford, great-granddaughter of Henry Ford and first cousin to the company’s current chairman William Clay Ford, Jr. In an interesting glimpse into how things work between members of the Ford family and the company that bears their name, Eleanor ordered the car through her personal allocation plan direct from the company – no dealership necessary.

“Carte blanche design freedom was given with the Shelby team at Ford,” which outfitted it with a rare red stripe appearance package. The dashboard was signed by both Carroll Shelby and Eleanor Ford – twice: once in her married name (Sullivan) and again in her poignant maiden name. There’s even a little plaque that identifies this Shelby as “The Real Eleanor,” in obvious reference to the movie car.

The finished vehicle was delivered by truck directly to the Sullivan residence, and when Eleanor was ready to sell it, the manufacturer exercised its right of first refusal stipulated in the family allocation plan and bought the car back. It was since put up for auction last month at Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast sale in Connecticut, where it sold for $55,000.

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  • Six_Tymes

    I always liked this body’s proportions best. I’m not a fan of the current. perfection came with the 2014 Shelby GT500

  • T_Cake

    Looks like that Mustang has lived a hard life.

  • Vassilis

    It’s crazy how much the Mustang has improved from one generation to the next basically.