Mazda RX-9 Rumormill Returns With Alleged October Debut

Reports about a new rotary-powered sports car from Mazda refuse to die and a couple of months after hopes were revived, a Japanese publication has speculated that the new vehicle could debut at October’s Tokyo Motor Show.

If the new car, reportedly dubbed the RX-9, were to debut in October, it would come 50 years after the Mazda Cosmo premiered and debuted the famed Wankel rotary engine.

Levolant Boost reports that the RX-9 will be heavily inspired by the RX-Vision that premiered in Tokyo 18 months ago and tip the scales at between 1,300 and 1,350 kg (2,866-2,976 lbs).

Few specifics have been offered about the car’s powertrain but the rotary engine could be dubbed ‘Skyactive-R’ and debut with forced induction to produce approximately 450 hp. The RX-9 may also be priced at around 8 million yen ($71,000).

As exciting as this news is, we’re taking it with a handful of salt, not just a grain. While it would be fitting for Mazda to celebrate the rotary engine’s 50th anniversary, the company has never said it is planning a new sports car and only admitted to continuing development of the Wankel hoping to find a breakthrough.


  • Bash

    Hopefully, this time they cut the rumors and put their minds together and actually build it!

    • Eythan Aldrich

      Indeed…..These rumors are getting out of hand


    please do it
    i don’t want the MX5 so halo

  • marcin

    To summarize, if all of the rumours are true, we will see the following this October:
    new Honda S2000, new Honda Prelude, New Toyota Supra, new Nissan Z, new Mazda RX-9

    • LeStori

      I am still waiting for the mythical Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe….

    • Infinite1

      It’s like being back in the 90s all over again.

    • Jason Miller

      First I have heard of the Prelude return (surprising considering Honda just canned the Accord coupe).

    • Benjamin B.

      Nissan will continue with the 370Z for another decade maybe lol. A new Honda S2000 would be news. Mind you, Honda has a mid engines S660 sold in the JDM. There is a new NSX that’s pretty damn good and very under appreciated. The new Supra will be a BMW Z4 with some Toyota bits.

  • Infinite1

    I hope the rumors are true… If so, it’ll be another contender for the GTR and the upcoming Supra.

  • redav

    Don’t believe it until you see it.

    It’s much more likely they will have a technology display–the Sky-R engine, what it can do, show it in a series hybrid, link the past & future, etc.–than debut a new RX.

    Mazda already has a low volume indulgence–the Miata. They can’t afford another one. That means *if* they were to pursue a new RX, it would be best to build it on the Miata platform and run it through the same assembly line. Essentially, it would be a rotary-powered Miata. And I’m okay with that.

    • redav

      Imagine–take an MX-5 RF, make it a fixed roof coupe (eliminate all the weight of linkages, motors, etc.), expand the trunk, swap the I4 for a Sky-R engine, tweak the suspension to handle the increased power, and call it an RX-9.

  • Auto YT

    Please Mazda, PLEASE!

  • Yes please. Mazda has no excuse anymore, the CX 5 has been a runaway success so they have cash to spend on low volume sports cars.

  • Zed68

    DO IT !

  • Kagan

    ‘reports that the RX-9 will be heavily inspired by the RX-Vision’

    Well haven’t we heard that 100 times before and it never happened!

  • Grumpy

    I’v pretty much given up on this rumor. The most I can hope for is more engine options for various models.

  • Benjamin B.

    Mazda just won’t let go of Nazi technology. Rotary engines are the past. They aren’t the future. Sorry.

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