Survey Says 40% Of Drivers Considering EVs

According to a sizeable global survey, approximately 40 per cent of motorists say they could purchase an electric vehicle in the next five years.

The survey, conducted by Dalia Research, quizzed 43,000 people in 52 different countries about their thoughts on electric vehicles and the likelihood of them purchasing one in the near future.

The survey discovered that in the U.S. and Canada, 31 per cent of residents are likely or very likely to swap out their diesel or petrol-powered vehicles for an electric alternative in the next five years.

In Mexico, this figure rose to 39 per cent while Thailand led the way with a staggering 66 per cent of respondents saying they may soon switch to electric mobility. Chinese residents are also particularly keen to jump onboard the EV train with 58 per cent responding positively to the proposition of getting an EV.

Other notable takeaways from the survey include 16 per cent of people in Japan considering the swap, 45 per cent of Saudi Arabians potentially moving away from the country’s largest export (oil) and 22 per cent of Germans considering the switch to an EV.


  • chippers

    Count me in the other 60%.

  • SgtBeavis

    I’m ‘considering’ one but in all honesty I think my next car with be ICE powered. Electrics have crossed into the zone of being practical but I can’t but help thinking we are going to see a huge burst of improvement for these cars over the next 5 years. The industry knows that Li-Ion technology is the limiting factor on these cars and I believe you’re going to see them attack that limitation with new tech like carbon nanotube or solid state batteries.

    • Mill0048

      Very well put. As more manufacturers compete in the EV market, development budgets will increase, and tech breakthroughs will occur.

      • SgtBeavis


  • Zed68

    Not yet.
    Sound… I can live without that but still it’s part of the “classic” package. I’ll miss you.
    Range… getting better and better… acceptable
    Refilling… ooooops… not there yet, far from it.