Gloss And Satin Black Range Rover Gains Carbon Styling Mods

If you happen to favor all-black when it comes to the styling of your SUV, this modded Range Rover definitely merits your attention.

The car is wearing a two-tone gloss and satin black wrap courtesy of Absolute Motors, and is also rocking extra horsepower and torque, although the automotive personalization company hasn’t shared any figures.

Other mods include a few carbon fiber bits (the front grille with the Overfinch logo, as well as the side vents) plus a set of 23″ black multi-spoke wheels, designed by tuner Overfinch – their largest wheels.

Had this car featured a full Overfinch tuning package, it would have looked a bit different thanks to the custom lettering on the bonnet and tailgate, signature grille, carbon side vents with embedded logo and custom front and rear bumpers.

Whether this particular Range Rover features any interior enhancements is unknown, however, again, calling on a tuner such as Overfinch could mean getting a few bespoke design parts for the cabin, such as an aerospace-grade aluminum key fob.