Mazda’s Bringing Original NA Miatas Back To Factory Condition

Now four generations in, the Mazda MX-5 Miata enjoys a considerable following around the world – but none more cherished than the original NA generation, and nowhere more enthusiastically than back home in Japan.

That’s where Mazda is now launching two new services catered specifically to owners of first-gen Eunos roadsters (as the model was then known at home): one offering reproduction parts, and the other full restoration services.

The continuation parts service is initially focusing on three types of components that Miata owners might need most: the fabric roof, the Bridgestone tires, and the Nardi steering wheel and shift knob. By putting those items back into production, Mazda ensures that these commonly worn-out items can be replaced. Other items may be added by popular demand.

Beyond that, the manufacturer is launching a full restoration service that promises to make old Miatas as good as new. The service is bound to be pricey, but the prospect of getting an original NA roadster in factory-fresh condition two decades after it ceased production could prove irresistible to some fanatics. Mazda’s even going so far as to get certification from the Japanese division of German standards organization TÜV Rheinland to ensure their restoration operation meets the highest criteria.

Unfortunately the restoration service won’t be offered outside of Japan for the time being, which may be just as well because we get the feeling that only the Miata’s countrymen could stomach what we’re sure will be an astronomic price. Here’s hoping, for the sake of NA owners back in America and around the world, that those reproduction parts will be offered elsewhere though.

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  • Craig

    If it was just a little bit bigger inside – I would have been a fan myself.

  • Random stranger

    I wonder if they offer full restoration services to other cars (929, 626 etc…)

  • Blade t

    That restoration service is gonna be expensive ,for such a cheap car….

  • Bash

    This is going to be very very cool.