Nissan Reports Surprising Demand For Personalisation On New Micra

Demand for the numerous personalization options on the new Micra has caught Nissan by surprise, with one in four customers choosing to enhance the compact model’s design through the options list.

Nissan currently offers more than 100 combinations for both the exterior and the interior of the new Micra and in a variety of vibrant colors.

Features like bumper finishers, body side mouldings, door mirror caps high-quality decals for the bonnet and roof are just some of the options 18 percent of the new Micra’s owners are choosing.

Energy Orange is the most popular personalization choice for the exterior, followed by Enigma Black, Vibrant Chrome and Power Blue. Dark Grey with Energy Orange details is the most popular combo in the European market.

“The personalisation program for the all-new Nissan Micra was created to allow customers to express their individual character and design flair when their buy their car,” said Helen Perry, General Manager, Small Cars, Nissan Europe. “Feedback from retailers has highlighted that the mix of fantastic choice and affordability for personalisation means it’s more popular than we expected.”


  • Kash

    the first automakers to figure out a cheap way to bring customization/personalization stuff to their lower end vehicles will make a ton of money. Things like designing cars with specific accent pieces that are meant to be painted in color deviating from the body color to enhance the design, or ones that can be easily taken off to be plastidipped/wrapped/etc, like the orange pieces on the black Micra in the video would be perfect for this along with the mirror caps and door handles.