Tesla Model Y Will Have Just 328 Feet Of Wiring, Says Musk

Bold claims is nothing new when it comes to Tesla but Elon Musk keeps surprising people with his promises.

According to Tesla’s CEO, the Model 3 represents an enormous leap forward in architectural efficiency as it requires about half the electrical wiring used in its older big brother, the Model S.

Musk said that the Model 3 has just 5,000 feet of wiring, compared to the around 10,000 feet of wiring used in the Model S but he didn’t stop there, according to AutoNews.

He said that Tesla’s next model –the Model Y small crossover– will require just 328 feet of wiring in its construction. That huge reduction in wiring will be made possible thanks to new electrical systems that use different voltage and power transmission hardware.

The arrival of the Tesla Model Y will signify the company’s new approach to electrical distribution according to Musk, who didn’t get into details of how this will happen.

In fact, Tesla hasn’t revealed all that much about the upcoming Model Y, which is expected to arrive in the market in 2019 or 2020. With wiring harnesses being one of the key issues that affect how long it takes to produce a car, Tesla’s plan to simplify electrical wiring might do the trick for them.


  • Finkployd

    This guy is amazing, constantly levelling up the game

    • Silimarina

      Yes but, he’s company (Tesla) also uses “vegan” leather. Which according to some guy (i don’t want to give names) it’s a scam, just like alcantara.

      • Mike Sinyaboot

        It is hilarious that the automotive industry, especially Porsche, has been able to label alcantara a premium material. Several of them, especially Porsche, have priced it the same as premium leather. It’s an absolute joke as it costs a fraction of high end leather. It’s freaking plastic. It works well on the dash, headliner, and areas that aren’t touched frequently. Porsche must laugh their asses off every time they receive an order with heavy use of alcantara.

        • Whatever


        • Finkployd

          Thank you

        • Silimarina

          Porche yes, but the majority of car manufacturers sell it for far less or in many cases for free.And it works better on seats than leather.

          • Finkployd

            Are you sure you’re not being confused here ? Because until recently you didn’t know Alcantara®, MB tex®, Dinamica® and Ultrasuede® were different products priced differently

          • Silimarina

            It’s just different names for the same products

          • Finkployd

            Yea (except MB tex), they’re all microfiber just as Coca Cola, Virgin Cola and Walmart Great Value Cola are all colas … But they’re different brands from different companies with different pricing

      • Big Black Duck

        thanks to Top Gear

      • Finkployd

        you really think you re in a position to go at it again ?

        Alcantara is a poly blend fabric created in the 60/70’s, it’s available in virtually limitless quantities, is easy to craft as it’s fabric, and costs little to produce.
        Nothing apart from clever branding/marketing justifies its expensive price.

        It’s a different story with “vegan” leather, don’t try to put words in my mouth.

        • Silimarina

          1st my original comment was more of a joke
          2.Just a handful of car manufacturers sell it as a premium option. The majority of manufacturers sell it for far less or for free. So in 90% of the time there is no premium price.
          3. Are you a snowflake?

          • Finkployd

            yea right it was hilarious
            Also don’t go and pull % out of your butt when you can’t give a single source without forging it

          • Silimarina

            Ok, look how many car manufacturers sell it as a premium option vs manufacturers that sell it for far less or for free.

          • Finkployd

            Do your homework properly, you’re trying to prove me wrong here.

            … still, courtesy of carwow.co.uk :


          • Silimarina

            To bad car configurations says otherwise.Just go on many car manufacturers configuration and see for yourself


  • Mr Metric

    why do Americans measure stuff with their feet? Too hard to do it in their heads?

    • Status

      They don’t in STEM fields, especially in those that rely on international coordination. The American auto industry hasn’t used the old system for almost 40 years. The only times they do is for marketing, advertising, and the gauge cluster. Everything else behind the scenes is metric.

    • gary4205

      Nope. Because we are Americans.

      Why do Brits, Aussies, and other backwards countries drive on the wrong side of the road?

  • gary4205

    What a total con artist. Sadly his cultists lap this nonsense up….and no “journalist” has enough integrity to challenge Musk on any of this.

    Meanwhile no other car company on earth would get away with the Soviet Era build quality Tesla puts out.

    • Axiom Ethos

      Well apparently all the consumers are lapping it up too because they continue to buy them keeping Tesla slaying the competition in the luxury car segment. The build quality issues you speak of are few and far between, especially compared to a few years ago (when kinks were still being worked out and the X was too complex). But continue to spread ignorant garbage, we all know who the real con artist is here. Feel free to share whatever “knowledge” you have as to actually give your argument any substance that he can’t accomplish this latest engineering feat.

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