Tesla’s Michigan Sales Fight To Stretch Into 2018

It appears that Tesla will be forced to keep fighting with lawmakers in Michigan well into 2018 in its attempts to sell vehicles in the U.S. state.

A recent court filing indicates that the legal fight is far from over, despite the battle stretching out for three years already.

The crux of the issue revolves around Michigan requiring automakers to sell vehicle across the state through franchised dealerships. Tesla, on the other hand, only sells its vehicles directly to customers and wants Michigan to make an exception for it.

According to the automaker, existing laws discriminate against out-of-state interests and is an unconstitutional infringement on its ability to employ its preferred sales method across the state. What this means is that Michigan residents looking to buy a Tesla must order it online and pick it up at a facility in Ohio, Illinois or any other nearby out-of-state cities.

The office of Attorney General Bill Schuette told The Detroit News that it is unreasonable for Tesla to expect Michigan to change its vehicle sales practices.

“All other car manufacturers desiring to sell in Michigan operate under this same requirement. But Tesla wants special treatment and refuses to bend to Michigan’s law; indeed, Tesla insists that Michigan should bend to Tesla’s innovative business plan and practices rather than Tesla altering its practices to comply with Michigan law.”