Absolut Puts This Copper Caddy Cab On Duty In New York

New York taxis are yellow… right? Usually, sure. But someone evidently forgot to tell that to the people at Absolut, who have hit the Big Apple in this brilliant copper cab.

What you’re looking at isn’t actually Checker cab (or a Ford Crown Vic or Nissan NV200 for that matter). It’s a 1949 Cadillac Fleetwood 75, done up as a special promo vehicle for Absolut Elyx, the premium vodka made in vintage copper stills.

In addition to the exterior finish, the interior features a pineapple wallpaper motif, a copper disco ball, Polaroid camera, and an “eclectic mix of vintage pieces fusing classic New York glam with a modern-day concept.” Even the chauffeur is wearing a custom copper sequin blazer.

The vehicle is deployed in New York during Fashion Week to help promote the brand and transport A-list celebrities and fashionistas between stylish events. Perhaps best of all, it allows patrons to imbibe while letting someone else do the driving.

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