What’s Ford Doing Testing A Fusion (Mondeo) Station Wagon On U.S. Soil?

An intriguing Ford Mondeo Estate has been spied testing in the U.S. by Carscoops reader Brett Borgard.

It is not unusual for automakers to test international models in the United States but seeing a Mondeo Estate on American soil is intriguing, as the Mondeo’s identical twin, the Fusion, is already sold as a sedan in North America.

The presence of the Mondeo badge on the rear suggests the prototype was flown to the U.S. for testing and isn’t actually a Fusion Wagon posing as a Mondeo. Additionally, the presence of a tow bar could suggest the automaker is experimenting to see if the estate can handle the huge caravans frequently seen on U.S. roads.

While it is unlikely, there is a slight possibility Ford is pondering the idea of building a Fusion Wagon.

However, we don’t see that happening. Station wagons have never been popular in the United States, especially since larger and more practical SUVs can be purchased for similar money while also offering the high driving position many yearn for nowadays.


  • Rocket

    Fusion Sport Wagon … How tasty does that sound?

    Yeah, I know … never gonna happen. Buick could still grow some balls and offer us a Regal GS Wagon, though. It’s a stretch, but possible.

    • Ship

      Buick just Revealed The New Regal with the GS Wagon. Learn your facts.

      • Rocket

        Unless I missed something, which is highly unlikely, there will be no GS wagon in the U.S. Just the GS Sportback, and TourX wagon – the latter of which will only be offered with the 2.0T. Feel free to prove me wrong though. I’ll wait …

      • Rocket

        Still waiting …

      • Rocket

        Yep – still waiting …

  • ErnieB

    I want to see a fusion coupe some day.. but this would be cool too.

    • David Peterson

      May as well shoot for the moon and ask for a two-door wagon with ST running gear.

      • ErnieB

        That’ll be nice too.. lol

        • David Peterson

          Now if we had Jac Nasser still running the show………

  • pxsupply

    They sell these in Europe under Ford Mondeo. Even with all wheel drive. Would be a nice competitor to to Outback here in the US.

    • Christian

      You can’t get an AWD Mondeo? WHAt?

      • Harlan McCartney

        You can in the Sport Model and Titanium models. Not the entry or mid level models.

  • Althea Later

    “Station wagons have never been popular in the United States…..”
    Wow… writing skills sure have plummeted. That, or the writer is about 12 years old and “NEVER” did any research into automotive history.
    Doesn’t anyone know what “never” means, anymore?


  • “Station wagons have never been popular in the United States”?

    • NoSnarkHere

      So you do know how caps lock works.

      Cat’s out of the bag now 😉


        • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

          He’s saying that you don’t know how to use caps lock, which is apparent.

          Stop typing everything in caps, it makes you look silly.


          • Wolfgang

            Lower caps are cool.

  • Kash

    Ford tests the Mondeo on US soil all the time. You can find spyshots of them testing the liftback version. At one point I think there was even a couple articles speculating that Ford was going to sell the liftback in the US instead of the sedan to cut costs of the Fusion and Mondeo. Doesn’t mean anything other than Ford HQ wants to be more involved in the development of something, they’re either testing a new engine or platform and want to have a good idea how it’s gonna handle under the extra weight of the wagon.

    • DGC

      Go the Ford Engineering Grounds, an open parking lot in Dearborn Mich…. They have every ‘forbidden fruit’ in that lot. I saw the Eccosport, and old Kuga MK1, various Fiestas, Focus MK2s and a bunch of Euro Transit vans…. plus a wagon or two both being Mondeos and Focus’.

  • Nick

    Eugh. It’s hideous. I don’t understand why people are obsessed with wagons. It’s a massive circlejerk.

    • emjayay

      Nick drives a 2004 Sentra with a loud muffler and aftermarket tail lights. And he doesn’t want you to be able to read his previous 104 comments

    • DGC

      You’re the master… what should I like then?

  • DGC

    “However, we don’t see that happening. Station wagons have never been
    popular in the United States, especially since larger and more practical
    SUVs can be purchased for similar money while also offering the high
    driving position many yearn for nowadays.” UMMMMM…. Have you read the comparison test of the Mercedes E-Class Wagon VS GLE SUV? Clear winner in practicality and drive. ANd wagons WERE very popular until the Mid-Eighties… What year was this writer born and does he work for GM?

  • Bug S Bunny

    This doesn’t really mean much of anything – I saw EcoSports running around Dearborn when I lived in that area some 10-11 years ago. Ford does a lot of testing of a lot of vehicles in Dearborn – it doesn’t mean they’re going to sell them where they’re being tested.

  • Bob White

    Why are the exhaust pipes extended?

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Teasing us.

  • K

    you gotta be kidding for stating SUV’s are more practical than wagons

  • K

    you gotta be kidding for stating SUVs are more practical than wagons

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