Car Design Student Thinks Tesla Copied Acura’s NSX, What Do You Say?

Now more than ever, it seems as though car enthusiasts are continually claiming the designs of new vehicles copy the styling of existing vehicles.

For example, many online have indicated that the front of the new Aston Martin Vantage looks just like a slightly more aggressive Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Unquestionably the most head-turning new car released in the past week is the Tesla Roadster and it too has failed to escape comparisons with other cars. More specifically, a car design student named Eriquin G. emailed us asserting that the design of the Roadster closely mimics that of the Honda NSX.

The designer points out a number of similarities between the duo. For starters, both the Roadster show car and the NSX utilize similar wheels, although the Tesla does have a few more spokes. Elsewhere, we can see a similar body line just after the front wheel arch, reaching back along the doors. The rear side windows of the duo also bear some resemblance to each other.

Looking from above, the curiosities continue. Both the Roadster and NSX feature hoods with tapered lines stretching down towards the front bumper. The shape of the rear quarter panels is also quite similar, although the Tesla is slightly more curvaceous and uses fewer straight lines than the NSX.

In this writer’s opinion, the two do look quite similar but not to a worrying extent and certainly nowhere near the blatant rip-offs that have emerged from China in recent years.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you think Tesla copied the NSX, another production car or is it an original design that looks like no other on the road?


  • Darnell Robeson

    Mann big deal. Who cares. All cars look like other cars. Get over it. Move on. It’s called design TRENDS. If they really copied the NSX then Honda could easily sue Tesla. Move on

  • vanillatpa

    Ludicrous. Might as well say NSX looks like Mclaren 570 or Ferrari 488.

    • BlackPegasus

      Ludicrous mode maddening I say.

  • R55

    Hmm.. They are both definitely red so they could have copied it! But the Roadster doesn’t have wing mirrors so it’s not exactly the same.

  • Jason Panamera

    If it was car made by Chinese I’m sure there will be accusations of copying but it’s Tesla so nah.

  • Jason Panamera

    Sherlock, we got here some desing steals from honda…

  • TheYes

    Eventually every car designed will have some similarity with other car…

    • jsz00

      Not if it’s Tesla

      • TheYes


  • Bananarama

    People bitched about the NSX looking derivative when it came out. But Tesla gets a pass now?

    I don’t care anyway, but the car community is so biased and fickle towards different brands.

  • Rob Banks

    Actual designers at Audi are laughing right now.

    Designers of the new Ford GT have blinders on whenever looking at the side intake/c-pilar of an NSX or rear end of the nissan 2020 concept. Ferrari totally distanced themselves from the McLaren F1 when designing the 360. Oh, and ford didn’t reverse engineer that same 360 when building the last Ford GT — oops, that’s a true copy, only not superficial.

  • Craig

    There are similarities. But that’s the nature of design. I can’t think of a car that doesn’t have something in common – design wise – with some other car.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Well of course I’m probably biased but just in terms of styling, NSX > Tesla Roadster. The Roadster, while being incredibly fast, just looks bland to me with it being a sports car. Ok now in terms of the topic here, I don’t really think Tesla “copied” Honda.

    • Jason Panamera

      Sport car usually moves your emotions behind the wheel and by their look. I don’t feel like Tesla look moves me.

      • Honda NSX-R

        *Maybe* it could look much better in person.

    • S3XY

      NSX has sloppy styling compared to the clean simplicity the Roadster has. Tesla is the only car maker with perfect clean elegant car designs. Thanks to Franz. And NSX front end is ugly with that grill.

      • Honda NSX-R

        Ok whatever flows your electric boat

  • Maher

    I still don’t see the resemblance.

    Although I do think the front of it does look a bit like a mini version of the Lykan Hypersport.

  • Hooni Gan

    Yea similar but not the same per se.. Remember you guys (carscoops) decided to post this article about a design “student” – he’s still learning. Ask a real designer from a big car manufacturing company; it may then have some real merit.

  • Dariush

    i see Porsche and Aston Martin surfacing. Nsx?!? what?

  • FlameWater

    well the nsx has four wheels so obviously it’s copying the Ford Model T

  • Check Your Head

    From a design language stand point the Tesla looks a whole lot like a Tesla and the Acura bears no resemblance to any Acura. So from that point of view the Tesla has the advantage. And nobody takes Acura seriously anymore.

  • Tom

    … sorry, totally nonsense, hhmmm or not, it has 4 wheels and a steering wheel…. okay, it’s an copy!

  • AnklaX

    All cars look the same. This saturation has happened due to manufacturers bringing new model every year. They should follow Japan and run one design for a decade. If everyone did that, we’d not see samey designs everywhere.

    • Honda NSX-R

      Cars are looking the same because of safety and fuel economy regulations too.

      • CarCzarDesigner

        Safety and economy regulations, are not holding back automotive design or innovation. There are other factors that are taken into consideration when designing a new car. Consider some of Sbarro’s Car Designs where they are outside the Norm. Car companies could follow his lead and create similar looking vehicles. They could be radical & insane to the eye, including being impractical on so many levels. The only problem is…few people would buy them.

  • Tex

    It can’t be. What happened to superior and at the same time clueless assertions that the Japanese are copying everyone else?

  • Thomas Triantis

    If you want to find similarities…you’ll find them. On any car today. More and more things lead to specific forms. Tesla’s roadster is more sleek and minimal in design in comparison to the NSX, which is over-designed… especially on the front end. Both impressive in their own way.

    • Thomas Triantis

      The Vantage is a more aggressive MX5???? hahahaha

  • ediotsavant

    Yep, it is a copy of the NSX.

  • SteersUright

    Both not beautiful, but at least the nSX looks lean and lithe where the Tesla looks humungous and mispropotioned to my eyes.

  • Nop…

  • GobbleUp

    Go back to school fool.

  • benT

    “Do you think Tesla copied the NSX…..”

    let’s see ::
    wheels? , check, round ? check , racing car suspension ? , , check, steerable front wheels ? check, tyres ? check
    doors ?. check, two? check
    interior ? , check , seats ? check , dashboard ? , nope , glass all round ? check , industry standard safety ? check , additional stuff you haven’t heard of ? check , ,upholstery ? , check
    painted ? check, , ,red ? check
    internal combustion petrol guzzler ? NO, M.I.A, ALERT. !!!!!
    electric ludicrously instant maximum power delivery with under 2 seconds acceleration to speed limit ? , check

    high price ? check

    seems to be fishy doesn’t it, could be a copy.

    “Do you think Tesla copied the NSX…..”
    no, check.


  • CarCzarDesigner

    What are you talking about? Copying happens in this industry all the time. And it’s not just the Chinese who are doing it. You state it right here, “the car industry sees design trends ((or see’s New ideas from other sources)) with many manufacturers adopting them in((to)) their design language, and making ((or Calling)) it their own.” And here, …”and how much attempt was made to differentiate” ((from the design they used or copied.))

  • Larry Qualls

    Nah, I just think that everyone imagined and wished that the NSX would’ve looked like this. It does remind me of what the original NSX design would have progressed to had it not gone out of production.

  • JBsC6

    Both are red in the photos…otherwise they are both sports cars. The Acura would dream its nsx is anything like the tesla sports car that has a targa roof, 2 plus 2 seating and is much higher performing for approximately the same price give or take a few bucks with options on the NSX.,,

    Not surprisingly the chrome trim on the NSX is horrible and cheap looking whereas the tesla supercar has none…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if acuras NSX public relations director didn’t out his kids up to send you this idea that the two cars are similiar…

    Anything to get some fever outch to wake up the dead space in Acura showrooms for the NSX dud…..which sales are going nowhere ..

  • Balcis

    they should already know that acura nsx is a design without any risk especially for its ratios and subtle details. that car is almost non-identical with all it’s simplicity and “no-risk” design.

  • Miknik

    Probably time to reconsider the choice of study….

  • TheBelltower

    All I see are some generic sports-car design cues on both. But they don’t look the same at all.

  • jsz00

    It’s made of pixie dust brought to you by the God Elon. So nah, the car doesn’t look like anything else in the road.