Mazda’s Developing A New Crossover Just For The US

Mazda has an all-new crossover in the pipeline, and it’s being developed specifically for the North American market.

This according to the latest report from Automotive News, which interviewed Mazda’s CEO Masamichi Kogai on the company’s future plans.

Though details on the new model have not been revealed, we’re expecting to see a new three-row/seven-seat model to slot in between the CX-5 and CX-9. Roughly half of the company’s US lineup is currently composed of crossovers, accounting for 57 percent of its sales – a number which Kogai-san wants to increase to 60 percent.

“We have big expectations,” said Kogai. “This is our declaration that we are going to grow our business in the U.S.”

“We are actually going to introduce a totally new and different type of SUV,” he said. “R&D is coordinating with our North American operations on that right now.” It’s a similar strategy which Mazda followed to create the CX-4 for the Chinese market, or the CX-8 for the Japanese domestic market.

Set to arrive in 2021, the new model could potentially revive the CX-7 nameplate that was discontinued in 2012. Whatever it’s called, the new model is projected to take up Mazda’s entire 150,000-unit annual capacity at the plant it’s building with Toyota somewhere in the United States. Last year, Mazda sold 112,235 examples of the CX-5 crossover that currently stands as its best-selling nameplate.

The new crossover is just one step Mazda is reportedly taking to increase its current market share of 1.7 percent, trailing behind its Japanese and ahead only of Mitsubishi. It has a new lightweight platform in the works, a new design language, and several new powertrain technologies – including an EV, mild hybrid, and Skyactiv-X gasoline engine with diesel-style compression ignition.

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  • gor134

    The CX-4 is beautiful. Wouldn’t mind getting that.

    • EM1

      It would have to be a 2nd gen model.

    • Randy Terpstra

      Mazda could turn a pretty good profit on these, if they imported them here (North America), as they’re currently built and sold solely in China.

  • jsz00

    They need a CX-2, then CX-1, and CX-6 while they’re at it.

  • john1168

    That looks really nice! Hopefully Mazda puts a 9 speed auto in it.

  • Able

    Just slap some orange reflectors on the CX-8 and sell it in the US! Would save them A LOT of money…

  • pcurve

    I think Americans don’t want Cx-7… I think they want CX-11. CX-9 isn’t big enough.

    • Rocket

      The CX9 is plenty big, it’s just really poorly packaged. A vehicle with the CX9’s footprint should have a usable third row and far more storage capacity.

  • Rocket

    Built alongside a Toyota, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has a hybrid powertrain — possibly supplemented by their diesel or HCCI engine. Or maybe even the rotary range extender rumored to be under development. Make it a 2-row CX7, and I’ll give it some consideration.

  • EM1 This expansion idea is a big mistake. Mazda already operated with a partner (Ford) some two decades ago in Flatrock, MI that ended up failing. They tried to make an Americanized Mazda with all Ford parts based on the first generation Escape. What do you think Toyota will do with Mazda by building it and making it for Americans: an elongated elevated Avalon with Mazda bading. Toyota is doing this to Subaru with their Americanized 7 seater Ascent…and Subarus are supposed to be small, weird little AWD things.

    • Rocket

      Unless they’re borrowing a few minor parts, Toyota has nothing to do with the Ascent. It’s a Subaru design on a Subaru platform. Any styling similarities are coincidental.

  • Taegon Lewis

    *Vomits ferociously, with anger in-between.*

  • Cobrajet

    I don’t like the sound of that.

  • Carlos Santos

    I think it’s a shame if it does not come to the european market, because the CX-9 (segment F) is too big and the CX-5 (segment C+) does not fill the void created for those who want a larger SUV with around 4.75 / 4.80m (segment D+).

    With the new design presented with the concepts in Tokyo, synergies of electric and hybrid engines with Toyota, it has everything to go right.

    It needs a more interesting interior as we saw in the Vison Coupe concept.

    If it does not come to Europe it will be a huge mistake because the world’s fastest growing SUV market is in the old continent and people will look for other brand models if there is none from Mazda.