Nissan Kicks Has Its Work Cut Out In Subcompact Segment

Opting to throw something a little more “conventional” at the likes of the Honda HR-V and the Toyota C-HR, sounds like a wise business decision for Nissan.

Of course, very few modern-day subcompact crossovers actually look conventional. Yet, unlike the Juke, the brand new Kicks is a lot easier to digest visually.

Look close and you’ll spot a little Rogue in it, perhaps some Micra characteristics as well. Then again, since this is more of a youth-driven segment, we can’t help but notice how rivals like the previously-mentioned HR-V, C-HR, but also the Mazda CX-3, look more aggressive.

Furthermore, the Juke, which is what the Kicks replaces, might have had a controversial styling, but it did have character, something that can’t be said about Nissan’s new model, which shouts from afar its connection to emerging markets (it’s the result of the collaboration of Nissan’s U.S. and Brazilian studios).

All Kicks versions will be powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, pushing down 125 HP and 115 lb-ft (156 Nm) of torque – not quite as much muscle as some of its rivals.

Behind the wheel, future owners should feel both safe and entertained. The 2018 Kicks comes with Automatic Emergency Braking as standard, while higher trims get Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. As for media content, the Kicks gets a 7″ infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.


  • Denzel

    If it had more power and rugged with more ground clearance this could have been the next Xterra

    • KSegg

      Or you know, they can just bring back the original Xterra. At least that was cool.

    • Matt

      It really couldn’t have. This is similar to the Xterra in the same way the GLA and G-Class are similar.

  • KSegg

    Nissan Kicks Has Its Work Cut Out In Subcompact Segment.

    And Sports Coupe Segment, etc.

  • Matt

    Controversial, but the Juke looked better. At least it was original and cohesive, this is a bit of a mess really.

    • Dennis Scipio

      what? the juke had more controversial styling than this.

      • Matt

        I meant my opinion that the Juke was a better design is controversial. The Kicks isn’t controversial, but it’s also not a great design.

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    Why the HELL has THIS replaced the JUKE !

  • rover10

    There’s no mistaking the Duke visually a universal success. Sadly, the company hasn’t got the stamina to go one better. This Kicks is okay there’s nothing to get niggled by, but it will melt away amongst the rest of the traffic, and you can’t say that about the Duke!

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    This thing is a piece of garbage designed for third world countries. It is boring, underpowered, and has a cheap interior, I’m sure it will sell well in America.

    What a disappointment.

  • Check Your Head

    The media is claiming the Kicks is replacing the Juke but in fact the Rogue Sport (smaller rogue) replaced the Juke. The Kicks does not even offer AWD it is front wheel drive. The Juke offered torque vectoring all wheel drive. This is a price point vehicle designed to help a specific customer get into a vehicle that has the appearance of a crossover.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    “Well done”, Nissan.

  • Benjamin B.

    The Kicks replaces a crossover that had more horsepower, more torque, got nearly identical fuel mileage, and offered AWD. Also the Juke came with a 6-speed manual, while the Kicks is CVT only. But I get it, the Kicks has more safety features. Maybe at least consider offering a NISMO variant, Nissan.