This Bugatti EB110 Could Be The Next Best Thing To A Chiron

Bugattis are expensive. There’s just no way around that. But among Bugattis, some are more expensive than others.

Take for example this 1993 Bugatti EB110 GT. It’s heading for the auction block in Arizona next month, where RM Sotheby’s anticipates it will sell in the high six-figure range: between $750k and $950k, to be specific.

Now don’t get us wrong, that’s a big chunk of change to spend on a single automobile. But it’s a far cry from the millions you’d have to dish out for a new Chiron, or even for a second-hand Veyron. Which makes this a rather enticing opportunity to buy a (relatively) modern Bugatti supercar for under a million.

The EB110, for those unfamiliar, was the supercar that came before Volkswagen acquired the marque to produce the Veyron and Chiron. It was made in Italy, not in France, but was still very much an authentic Bugatti – right down to the quad turbochargers.

Those were bolted not to an eight-liter sixteen-cylinder engine, but to a 3.5-liter V12. The GT version (like the one pictured here by Brian Buchard for RM Sotheby’s) produced 550 horsepower, which was positively gargantuan by early-90s standards, and was followed by an SS model with 604 hp.

Between 1991 and 1995, Bugatti Automobili produced just 139 examples, leaving the EB110 considerably rarer than the VW-developed hypercars that followed. It’s not every day that one comes up for sale, so if you’ve had trouble turning one million into three to buy a new Bugatti, this could be your chance.

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  • Wow… And I just wrote a big commentary on it on Grand Tour article. Permission to reproduce it here:

    It also must be one of those supercar with more development story I can imagine of. Start it out as idea of ex-Lamborghini employees and include name like Ferruccio Lamborghini, Paolo Stanzani and Nuccio Bertone among others. And after Lamborghini resigned from the project (Reportedly because he wants the new car to be called “Ferruccio”) under guidance of Romano Artioli, an Italian businessman and collector, they bought the rights of Bugatti from Matra (I think, I forgot) and set up to build factory in Italy with no expense spared and well it’s one of the most beautiful factory except Mclaren Technological Center (And the factory still exists, good thing they haven’t demolish it).

    And they had several design proposal (I can’t remember the details but Giugiaro and Gandini submit their design. I remember Giuigiaro one felt modern and futuristic and I prefer that actually). Eventually Gandini design is chosen but Artioli felt it’s too Lamborghini and order the redesign. After years in 1991 they finally revealed the EB110 at Ettore Bugatti 110th birthday in Versailles with more luxury party than you canimagine, Artoli knows how to create luxury.

    But sadly of course EB110 is doomed, some blame the worsening world economy at that time, especially in Japan where the bubble burst pretty much kill the economy (Late 80s Japan is the center of luxury cars and wealth mind you). And
    EB110 introduction in America come late and frankly the whole operation is not one of the most economic ever, the state of the art factory is costing them more in maintenance than what they earn.

    However Romano Artioli suggest he is a victim of automotive conspiracy, suppliers were reluctant or put high price because they are threatened by one of their big customers and even he alleged that investors weredriven out under influence of this conspiracy, with stories of Indian Prince who come and supposed to give the company money. No one know whose the head of this conspiracy since Artioli never named it. Some suggest Ferrari (and to extent Fiat) and some even suggest VW.

    But in the end I always think the car comes in wrong time… Bear in mind after that we got XJ220 and Mclaren F1 who surpassed the EB110. Which isshame since their next product is the four door EB 118… Oh well if only.

    Back to real world I once sit and explore Blue EB110 GT in JD Classic showroom, the sales person is kind enough for me to explore and sit on it. I have to say the interior is very luxurious indeed. Feels like big Mercedes SEC rather than supercar of it’s day (example: Diablo, I once try the mid 90s SV and well… Let’s just say Italian craftmanship at it best).

    • Sergio J. Cabrera

      Great exposure. I only add 2 things:

      Some former employees revealed about 2 years ago some about the bankrupt, like biggers orders from the same country (Germany) misteriously cancelled at the same time… Maybe Artioli knows a lot more than he said. Why wait more than 20 years to reveal this if it’s not true?

      And, the EB118 was a VW-era concept, the italian-designed sedan was the EB112, signed by Giugiaro.

      • Thank you for the corrections, I was using my memory when I write that. And I check that the company that own Bugatti rights is SNECMA not Matra (They are both in aerospace business, for a time Bugatti is a brand of Aerospace component)

        I had no idea about single cancellation, so is it like dealer who cancel the whole order? And we musn’t forget that after their bankruptcy, Dauer bought all the assets and for a time producing their own and offering maintenance. They got bankrupt too and B Engineering bought the assets and they still exist now as a go to place for EB110.

        And for why Artioli had to wait and never disclose the suspected conspiracy cabal is only known to him but I really think that it’s just right car at the wrong time.

  • Bash

    What a sweet ride. love it, love it to the end of universe, and back!

  • Bo Hanan

    Keep posting more like this Carscoops.

  • eb110americana

    Yes? You rang?

    My screen name comes from an article from that era stating that a special version of the EB110 that was part GT and part SS would be configured just for US export. Sadly, that vehicle never materialized.

  • CarCzarDesigner

    I for one, would rather have this EB 110 than that ugly, pig faced, Chiron any day of the week.
    Although, the front end of this is no beauty either and should have been better styled. But overall, this is a sweet ride.

    • I felt like the Bugatti horseshoe grille is late addition, which when you look at the prototype it feels like it!

      • CarCzarDesigner

        This isn’t untypical in the Design world, nor is it uncommon that stupid, not well thought out changes make it into the final design. There is a variety of reasons at play, so it happens. However, with EB-110 prototype, the grill was probably left off the mule deliberately to keep the final design secret, until it was revealed.

        But Bugatti’s Prototype the 1956 Type 252, it is evident the Horseshoe grill was less pronounced and aspects of the Grill were being creatively restyled. My guess is this was being done as to give the car a more modern, contemporary look.

        • I actually do a bit of reading again and it turns out that none of the 4 original proposal include the Bugatti grille and that the original Gandini design did not have it either. But in the 90s after Stanzani resigned from the project then Artiolli commissioned the same architect that design the factory to do some re-styling to make it look modern and that’s when the grille was added. The reason that I can think of is that Artioli want to put some homage to the great past Bugatti, especially one of the ceilings in the Factory is inspired by it.

  • Blinka Bot
    • smartacus

      Speed Sensitive Rear Wing
      Carbon Fiber Chassis
      5 valves per cylinder
      60 valves total
      3.5 liter V12
      9000 RPM
      4 Turbos
      18″ rims
      …all unheard of back in 1991

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